8 Ways Happy People Approach The World Differently Then Most

8 Ways Happy People Approach The World Differently Then Most

Happiness is the universal feeling we all strive to experience regularly.  Although, we can often times be an angry, moody, depressed bunch, can’t we? Science has proven happiness is indeed, a choice. But if you’re still struggling to make lemon juice when life hands you lemons, maybe you just need a little motivation.  Learn what happy people do!

You know those people, the ones who seem to have a permanent glow. They’re always smiling and have infectious energy oozing out of their pores. How did they get to be so happy?

I’ve made tremendous strides in my life to reach happiness, leaving a corporate job after burnout, Happy-Girldepression, drug addictions and eating disorders. I’ve come to realize being and staying happy is no small feat. It actually has little to do with outside influences. Real happiness comes with daily action and inward focus.

Creating happiness as a habit is possible. But just like any redirection in life, the small, subtle steps often reap the largest rewards. Here are the super-subtle habits of happy people.

1. They think with their hearts.

Instead of trying to solve problems by overanalyzing, worrying or stressing out, the happiest people in the world trust the advice of their heart. They are in touch with their intuition and feelings.

2. They are in love with the process.

Truly happy people understand the journey is the reward. The process of reaching your goals is more about the journey. They’ve learned “here” is the most important part of life. When we can be present for the process, we can feel fully alive and joyful.

3. They are curious about the unknown.

Instead of fearing the unknown or worrying about what will happen, happy people focus on what they want and take steps to make things happen. They are curious about life and allow it to unfold naturally.

4. They put more faith in love over fear.

Happy people use their strengths and focus on what they are good at. They know their talent is more powerful than their fears. And they choose loving thoughts and perceptions over fear-based reactions.

5. They forgive themselves for judging others.

Yes, the happiest people in the world still fall into judgment and jealousy. The difference? They quickly bounce out. Comparing ourselves to others is part of being human, but happy folks forgive themselves and others, and choose not to hang out in this emotion. They also send love and compassion to the people who hurt them the most. When you can forgive others and yourself, you will feel inner peace.


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