Bottled water is the Greatest Advertisement to Date!

Say No To Plastic Water Bottles

Bottled water is the Greatest Advertisement to Date!

Bottled water is the Greatest Advertisement to Date!

Bottle Water is probably one of the most un-environmentally industries known to man kind. On an average week it is said that Americans consume around half a billion plastic water bottles. That’s enough plastic water bottles to circle the world 5 times! This has become an epidemic! It is also said that there are enough plastic water bottles in the ocean to be the size of Texas.

We all say, “Well I recycle my water bottles, so I don’t have to worry about any of this.” About 2 in every 10 water bottles that we recycle actually get recycled, the rest get put in our landfills, incinerators burn them up which help pollute our air or they are in the ocean where they disintegrate and get into the food chain.

So, why do we drink water out of plastic water bottles?

Well, we have been marketed to for years by the plastic water bottle industries that our tap water is incredibly bad. In our opinion, yes some of it bad, but most of it is perfectly fine to drink. Regions and municipalities are realizing they need better filtration and this is being put into effect each and everyday. Is it going as fast as most would like? No, of course not! Budgets are never set high enough to allocate enough money to implement these filtration devices. We need to bring this to the forefront and start demanding this!

We are faced continually with more and more pollution going into our water. When you watch the video below on “The Story of Bottled Water” you will understand that each time we purchase bottled water we are actually contributing to pollution in our environment.

We pay almost 2000 times the cost of tap water…for what? Tap water…

Bottled water does not come from some beautiful valley, nested within mountains, where it has been untouched by humans…most of the time it is tap water. Possibly run through a small filtration system or possibly not.

So, what can you do?

There are few things that can be done!

1. Your best option is to get a home filtration system for your home or at least a kitchen sink Alkaline Water Unit or some sort of NSF approved filter.

2. Start using a re-usable bottle, such as the AlkaMate portable alkaline water ioniser.

3. Start using the AlkaPitcher.  Click Here for Details

4. Stop buying bottled water and share the video below with your friends and family, so they understand what bottled water really is.

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