Are you feeling a bit sluggish? Just aren’t losing that weight or even feeling like you? So many of us have those days and we aren’t quite sure what we should do or how we can fix it.

Not to mention with everything that we do in our day to day lives, we get contaminated with so many toxins found in food, water, clothes and even the air that we breath.

Is there a way to get help with releasing those toxins from your body?

3 Reasons You Need A Detox Foot Bath

  1.  Increases Metabolism – Sometimes we need that extra boost to help us get back on track. When you clean your body and use a detox foot bath it helps speed up that metabolism which helps you to burn weight faster. Win, win – right?
  2. Helps Improve Focus – Sometimes we all feel a bit all over the place.  Having a foot bath could help with re-focusing and getting us back to putting on our A-Game.
  3. Helps With Swollen Joints and Pain Management – It really helps to ease pain that you feel every day from certain activities.  The detox foot bath also helps to reduce the swelling on your joints and helps with pain management.  You will feel a noticeable difference after using it.

Those are just a few of the many, many positive reasons for you to try a detox foot bath.  If you want more information on getting a detox foot bath, please give us a call at 866-745-5743 or you can check out the benefits here or hop on over to our Testimonials page and read about the real results people are getting.

Look Younger & Live Longer – Pain-Free!

As humans we are all contaminated with toxins from environmental pollutants such as those found in our food, water, air, and even our clothing, furniture and other household items. These make the body prone to illnesses. Some harmful effects of toxins include fatigue, depression, decreased sex drive, and skin problems like rashes, blotches, wrinkles, and dullness. Find out exactly how toxic your body and environment are with our Heavy Metals Test Kit!

The 3 in 1 FIT System works by breaking down toxic chemicals and helping the body restore energy and vitality. This helps you maintain a healthy lifestyle while keeping you looking and feeling young – in spite of having been exposed to environmental toxins!

Our 3 in 1 FIT Premium Ionic Detox Foot Bath System, a non-invasive health solution with no known side effects, comes with a six year warranty. It is three times stronger than any product on the market today, and it provides three powerful therapies including Far Infrared Heat, Ionic Detoxification, and Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulation (TENS).

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