“Be Only Love”
By Dave and Sue Hammer

A wonderful song we all need to hear!  Click the play button below and Enjoy!

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You can visit their site at //beonlylove.ca to listen to their songs and for free excerpts from their books!

Here is the copy of the back cover of their book, Be Only Love:

Our purpose and the reason for our existence on this earth is identical to that of every other person. We are all here to evolve in love.

The purpose of the universe is to assist us in this evolutionary process.

The things we experience, the bodies we inhabit, the minds we possess, the people we encounter, and everything else we are exposed to presents us with an opportunity to continue our evolution until we are only love.

Pure and holy love is the Source of all that exists, and our evolution in love will connect us with that Source, enriching and enhancing our lives in ways we may now only dream about.

Eventually we will be only love, and at that moment we will be all that we are meant to be. Eternal joy and peace will be ours. All fear will vanish from our lives and we will know the bliss of existing in the unending light and love of the Source.