Controlling Blood Pressure with a Healthy Diet


Controlling Blood Pressure with a Healthy Diet

Controlling Blood Pressure with a Healthy Diet

Everybody knows that there is a link between a healthy diet and prevention of disease like Hypertension. Weight also plays a very important role especially in case of high Blood Pressure. High BP is common among the people who don’t watch over their weight and who are not following any healthy diet regimen. Lifestyle changes play a very important role in managing high blood pressure. If you have been diagnosed with high blood pressure then you must take quick steps to bring the numbers (of BP) down. The top no. is systolic pressure- 140 or above and the bottom no. is diastolic pressure- 90 or above

Weight and blood pressure:

Weight plays a very important role in increasing the blood pressure. If you are obese or overweight then you might be at a risk of high BP. Yet there are various safe and effective ways by which you can control your weight and keep a watch on your blood pressure.

Here are a few diet changes that you can make in order to lower your BP or keep it down:

Skimmed milk:

Milk is often called a complete food. It truly does well to the body. Skimmed milk is healthy for heart and it also provides vitamin-D and calcium for the bones. These two also combine to reduce the high blood pressure significantly.

Green leafy vegetables:

Include green leafy vegetables like Spinach to your diet. These are fat free yet rich in fibers and nutrients like potassium  and magnesium. Increase the intakes of these two minerals in the form of green veggies.They are heart friendly and maintain the blood pressure.

Beans :

Including white, black and kidney beans are full of good nutrients like potassium and magnesium. Include beans in your daily diet.


Potatoes are rich in potassium and magnesium, the two minerals that are vital nutrients for the heart health. Potassium rich diet helps you to get rid of the excess sodium (too much sodium increases the blood pressure).


Banana is a rich source of potassium and they taste good too. Eating banana can be a great snacking idea to ward off tensions of hypertension.


You can add soya beans to your diet either in the form of beans, or soybean milk or tofu. These all are various dietary forms of soya bean that is rich in potassium and magnesium.

Dark chocolates:

According to a study eating a small of piece of dark chocolate a day may show great results in lowering the high blood pressure of the body without weight gain or any other adverse effects. However dark chocolates are high in calories never overdo its quantity.

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