Is Your Child’s Lunch Safe? Most of us know that a healthy lunch can help a child learn better and have more energy to keep focused throughout the day.

Most of us know, following a wave of Internet anger about the use of the “pink slime” filler in school lunch hamburgers, that the US Department of A**holes insists that the product is safe.

But first, let’s see what it is. It is very low-cost ground beef filler made up of the leftover, fatty bits of meat on the slaughterhouse floor that would normally be fed to cows, in their meal, insuring the onset of mad cow disease, and included in the feed to other animals, or simply disposed of as waste.

These pieces of crud are heated and spun to remove most of the fat, which basically makes it up. The lean left over waste is then exposed to ammonium hydroxide gas to kill bacteria, such as E. coli and salmonella.

The “experts”, with a straight face, say that the filler reduces the risk of food borne illnesses.

It seems that the officials of the Hawaii DOE (Devoid of Education), have not yet decided whether it will take this “pink slime” out of the ground beef being fed to the kids in the schools.

Their quandary is do we give them the 95% lean beef patties made with the “pink slime” or the less lean ground beef without it?Is-your-childs-lunch-safe

The idiots in Hawaii’s DOE could not immediately say how much of the beef contains the “pink slime” filler, but say that it is fairly common in lean beef patties.

They also say, if they switched to the beef free of the slimy pink crap, it would cost them more. But how much more, and whether that costs would increase the prices for school lunches, has not yet been determined.

The “pink slime” filler, which has been filtered into the school lunch program for years, and is deemed safe by the federal government, has raised an uproar in the parents of the kids eating it.

The parents filed an online petition targeting the USDA’s use of the product and the question raised is how an ammonia-treated filler could possibly be good for kids?

Basically what has happened through the years is that the kids, unknowingly, are being fed an ultra-processed, if you’ll pardon the expression, food that has ammonia in it.

Bear in mind, that the USDA sets the national standards for school meals but the varying school districts have the choice on which of the garbage offered they can serve to meet USDA guidelines.

The National School Lunch Program buys about 20% of their food through the USDA, and the rest comes from private vendors. But, and there’s always a but, Hawaii’s Devoid of Education officials are clueless as to how much of this beef comes through either of the two sources.

But wait, there’s more: the meat industry officials state that the ammonium hydroxide is also used in baked goods, puddings and other processed foods. Yum!

While there are no precise statistics on the prevalence of the low-cost filler product in the schools, one industry official estimates that it is in at least half of the ground meat hamburgers that are sold in the United States.

The “experts” also say that while the “pink slime” filler might not look appetizing, it actually has several benefits. It will not make you gag, you will not necessarily throw up, and if you undercook your beef, you still won’t get sick.

Then, an assistant specialist in food composition at the University of Hawaii says, “despite there being a ‘fear factor’ and a ‘yuck factor’, taking the filler out of beef products could result in more food borne illnesses. She also said “you want to be sure that the food is safe, even if it doesn’t get cooked all the way through. And, in serving more beef without that filler you are going to increase the potential of having food safety issues, because and any time meat is ground, you have the potential for cross-contamination of food borne pathogens”.

Oh yeah, a change in the kind of beef used would primarily affect elementary school students, whose participation in school lunch is way higher than that of the kids in middle and high schools. I guess there’s nothing like screwing the kids up early because that then leaves the door open for the pharmaceutical industry to create yet another vaccine.

Far be it for any school or government official to buck the meat industry and offer the kids veggie burgers.

I have always said that the weapons of mass destruction were never in Iraq or any other hostile country. They were always in the U.S. school lunch program.


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