Endings Create Beginnings


Endings Create Beginnings

Endings Create Beginnings

Here we are in another New Year. A perfect opportunity to leave what no longer serves our highest good behind, and embrace all this is in alignment with who we are NOW. Because we change as we grow older with each passing year. Every year brings new shifts in our awareness – in what is most important to us. What worked before might not be so anymore. We may need to create a “new normal” for ourselves with our job, exercise, eating habits etc. A love relationship or friendships may have changed as well. This is a time to muster up the courage to step into our truth. By not moving into our truth we may end up with regrets and a half-lived life.

We have ideas, passions and dreams for a reason – because they are our hearts’ longings.  Our truest deepest longings reside in the heart. That’s why we have a heart – it serves as a compass to guide us through our lives. If those longings weren’t our path, we wouldn’t have them. I see too may people each week in my coaching practice that are going through the motions of life. They simply exist and “make do” as the years pass, while they wait and hope. Hoping for something to change.

Only movement creates change. And movement causes friction.  Wishing, hoping and complaining do not create change – they never have and never will. Make a move. And make it now. Live as fully as you were intended to. That is why you are here living this life….to live fully – to embrace the huge buffet of life.

Allow yourself to let go of the fear you might make a mistake as you move and change. It is through our mistakes we grow. It means we are pushing our limits and trying something new! Let go of trying to be perfect or thinking it’s not good enough. I heard someone say this once: “The bigger the fear, the bigger the purpose.” Of course we are scared…it is part of being human. It is what we do with the fear that counts. Let yourself move through it and reap the amazing benefits of embracing all that you desire and deserve.

The New Year provides us with an opportunity to reassess goals, dreams and desires – to go within and explore those places that exist, that we might even be avoiding. Facing our truth isn’t always easy, but so so rewarding!

As my dear friend James Twyman says: “We are entitled to miracles.” Can you repeat those words to yourself right now: “I am entitled to miracles.” Let the endings create the miracle of new beginnings.

I wish you an abundant winter filled with much love, passion and adventure. As always I am here to support you in this life journey and love your feedback.

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