How much water do you consume on a daily basis?


How much water do you consume on a daily basis?

Let me ask you a question. How much water do you consume on a daily basis?

Be sure to answer it truthfully.  What I mean is don’t count the tea, coffee, juice, soda/pop, energy drink, alcohol or whatever else you have drank as water you have consumed.  So, how many glasses of water do you consume daily?

Anything other than water is man-made and for the most part has a pH that is acidic.

The pH Chart below shows you the difference between alkaline and acidic

pH Chart
pH Chart

Normal natural water has a pH of 7+ which is neutral or slightly alkaline.  Alkaline water is what we want to drink as it helps keep our body alkaline.Drink Water for better Health!

Did you know…the average soda/pop or energy drink is 2.5 pH.  Many experts suggest that it takes 32 glasses of water to neutralize the acid from one 12 oz. soda pop.  Isn’t that astounding?!

With all the options of drinks we now have, it’s so easy to not get enough water in our systems. We are becoming a dehydrated human race and it’s showing up in the amount of illnesses out there.

Water is what you are supposed to drink and it is essential to your health.  Water is a nutrient and is actually a primary nutrient in the body that your body depends on, on a regular basis for its performance, functions, and removing toxins from your body. Everything else you drink is slowly making you sick as it has an acidic pH.

A great book is “Your Body’s Many Cries for Water”, by Dr. Batmanghelidj

He states, “dehydration is the underlying cause of many chronic “diseases.” Proper intake of water, salt and minerals can prevent these illnesses and even reverse the damage already done. So-called “modern” medicine still blames viruses or genetics for most of these degenerative conditions, and the pharmaceutical industry would lose billions in profits if people relied on the natural healing properties of water rather than expensive and toxic drugs.





So, how do you figure out how much water you need daily? I’ll show you below.

Your weight x .67 = Number of ounces of water you need daily

Example: 150lbs x .67 = 100.5 ounces of water you need daily

The 2 Problems We All Face

  1. Water Consumption – We need to make sure we are drinking enough alkaline water each day to keep us hydrated so the body can perform best.
  2. The water we are provided out of our taps are full of chemicals and is acidic – We need to make sure we are drinking clean alkaline water.  Most municipal water is chemically made to be around the 7pH, which I’m sure you know is not what you want to drink.

That’s why at Healthier Living 4 You, we are so concerned over your water consumption and the standard of drinking water you are consuming.

We are consistently looking for ways to bring you the best water for your health and have a number of products that do this.


  1. The AlkaPitcher – This is a great way to filter and alkalize your water to about 8.5-9.5pH.  We recommend using this for your household, cottage or office.
  2. The AlkaMate – Is a portable way for you to filter and alkalize your water to on average 8.5-9.5 pH
  3. The Ultrastream – Filters and alkalizes your water and is connected to your home drinking water which can be installed on the counter top or undersink.
  4. The Alkalina – Restores alkalinity and adds minerals to Reverse Osmosis Systems.

You can click on any link product name above to get more information or of course if you have any questions, give us a call! 1-866-745-5743

Helping  Other  People  Enjoy…Healthy Alkaline Water Consumption


To your health and success,
Craig Jacobs


Drink Pure, Healthy, Ionized, Alkaline Water!

The AlkaPitcher water alkalizer and ionizer is a great way to start making pure, alkaline water instantly while helping to filter out chlorine, sediment, pesticides and organic pollutants. The AlkaPitcher also improves taste and eliminates odors.

The AlkaPitcher is the next revolutionary product helping everyone drink pure, filtered alkaline water!

If you want your pure, alkalized and ionized water on the go, learn more about AlkaMate – the portable water alkalizer, purifier and ionizer!



Drink Pure, Healthy, Ionized, Alkaline Water!

The AlkaMate water alkalizer is a great way to start making alkaline, ionized water in just 15 minutes while helping to filter out chlorine, sediment, pesticides and organic pollutants.

The AlkaMate also improves taste and eliminates odors. The AlkaMate is your own, portable fountain of youth!

Also learn about our AlkaPitcher– a great way to have pure, alkalized, ionized water on hand all the time!


Do You Have Toxic Levels of Metals in Your Body?

It is no secret that we live with environmental pollution and heavy metal contamination, but do you know how it is affecting you directly? Now you can find out with the Heavy Metals Test for home!

This Heavy Metals Test is the world’s first immediate method of screening heavy metals. We provide you with 2 tests to allow you to see the improvements you have been able to achieve through the lifestyle changes you have made. Now you can have a heavy metals test in the comfort of your own home.

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Look Younger & Live Longer – Pain-Free!

As humans we are all contaminated with toxins from environmental pollutions such as those found in our food, water, air, and even our clothing, furniture and other household items. These make the body prone to illnesses. Some harmful effects of toxins include fatigue, depression, decreased sex drive, and skin problems like rashes, blotches, wrinkles, and dullness. Find out exactly how toxic your body and environment are with our Heavy Metals Test Kit!

The 3 in 1 FIT System works by breaking down toxic chemicals and helping the body restore energy and vitality. This helps you maintain a healthy lifestyle while keeping you looking and feeling young – in spite of having been exposed to environmental toxins!

Our 3 in 1 FIT Premium Ionic Detox Foot Bath System, a non-invasive health solution with no known side effects, comes with a six year warranty. It is three times stronger than any product on the market today, and it provides three powerful therapies including Far Infrared Heat, Ionic Detoxification, and Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulation (TENS).

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Get the benefit of a 1 hour workout in just 10 minutes!

The DKN Vibration Trainer helps accelerate weight loss and achieve a more toned body. The appearance of cellulite is controlled, which leaves you with smoother and tighter skin. Other benefits include improved balance, strength, flexibility and endurance, increased energy levels, better mental focus, and improved sleeping habits.

DKN Vibration Trainers are widely used in homes, physical therapy, rehabilitation, gyms and professional sports. Without having a 30-minute workout and a 30-minute massage, you can achieve the same results in less than 15 minutes while standing still and watching TV!

Similar to a massage or workout, a whole body vibration exercise machine helps improve blood circulation and enhances lymphatic function. When the lymphatic system gets blocked, it fails to eliminate toxins that can cause depression, fatigue, and chronic health problems like joint and muscular pain.

Proper lymphatic drainage prevents the accumulation of harmful toxins in the body’s systems and increases the production of good hormones, including endorphins, serotonin, and collagen, and helps improve flexibility and range of motion. This reduces stress and physical pain while achieving a slimmer and tighter body.

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How much water do you consume on a daily basis?  Now, answer that truthfully.  Don’t count the tea, coffee, pop, juice, beer, wine, or energy drink as one

The Most Cost Effective Spa & Pool Water Filtration System That Uses NASA Technology!

The use of ionization for water purification was pioneered in the 60s by NASA. Caribbean Clear incorporated this technology and developed an ionization product for introducing both copper and silver to swimming pool water. Copper is a well known algaecide and Silver has unique anti-microbial properties.

Water is more appealing without the typical 1-3 ppm chlorine residual or the weekly chlorine shock. At a barely detectable level of 0.4 ppm chlorine (1 quart of liquid bleach in a typical 30,000 gallon pool) the water will be more enjoyable, and, with less skin and eye irritation, the swimmers can enjoy the pool longer.

Not to Mention…Lower Costs:

* No more weekly shock treatments
* Less chlorine
* Less maintenance
* Liners and pool equipment will last longer
* Ultimately, lower costs

Unlike other common water treatment methods, Caribbean Clear is not affected by sunlight, heat, or time. During peak days of intense sun and heat or throughout the winter while the pool is closed , Caribbean Clear will remain in the water. Only as algae, micro-organisms, or other organic debris are introduced into the water will Caribbean Clear be consumed.

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