Do you suffer from chronic pain?

Does your pain affect your daily routines or the activities you enjoy participating in? If your answer is yes, you’re not alone. Nearly 45 million North Americans suffer from arthritis or other chronic pain.

Yet many of those who suffer tend to believe they are too young to be affected or simply learn to live with their pain. Although there is no cure to relieve people of arthritis, there is an effective way to prevent pain by managing and maintaining healthy muscles, bones and joints.

Many people who do suffer from chronic pain take pain medication to help cope with the pain. This is not always acceptable. The solution for many who seek relief is simple -TENS.

What is TENS?

TENS is the acronym for Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulator. TENS pads deliver small electrical pulses to the body via electrodes placed on the skin. The various pulses employed by TENS can block pain signals normally sent to the brain through nerve fibers, thereby interrupting the brain’s awareness of pain.

The mild electrical current generates heat that serves to relieve stiffness, improve mobility, and relieve chronic pain. The TENS activate the release of endorphins which act as our body’s natural healers or natural pain killers. The use of TENS usually improves pain symptoms significantly and can reduce the need for pain medication.

How Do I Use TENS?

The user need only apply the TENS patches contained in the 3 in 1 FIT Premium Detox System to the area requiring treatment. A mild electric current running from the 3 in 1 FIT Premium Detox System travels through the patches to help treat, relieve and help the body release endorphins, which reduce the pain.

Many of the users of the 3 in 1FIT Premium Detox System benefit for days after a short treatment, while others may need to use their unit for longer periods.

Can The TENS Treatment Be Used By Everyone?

TENS machines are used to reduce pain from problems in muscles, oints and nerves. Unlike most medications, there are virtually no side-effects when using a TENS pad. However, people with the following should NOT use TENS:

  • Pregnancy (unless specifically medically advised)
  • People with pacemakers as the electrical current from the TENS pads may interfere with their pacemaker
  • People who suffer from epilepsy or certain types of heart disease

How Can I Benefit From The Use of TENS?

Simply call Healthier Living 4 You and inquire about their one of a kind 3 in 1 FIT Ionic Detox foot bath.

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