Craniosacral Therapy for a Healing and Calming Touch

Craniosacral Therapy is a light touch body therapy that works on the central nervous system.  It is primarily used to relieve pain and dysfunction in the body.  Discovered and developed by Dr. John Upledger , a doctor of osteopathy in the 1950’s , craniosacral therapy has become world renowned for its healing benefits .  It is based on the premise that energy flow in the body is derived from the cerebrospinal fluid that is contained by the dural tube which is enclosed within the spinal column.

As the therapist works on a client, who is laying flat on his or her back , the energy flow within the body can be felt moving both side to side of the body and from head to foot very slowly and gently .  The trained therapist can feel whether the flow is in  synchronized  movement or out of sync.  An out of sync flow would indicate an unbalance in the body and would then begin to right the wrongs. 

Most of the time clients will come in to a clinic complaining of pain and is hoping for help to relieve the pain to some degree or have it gone completely.  However, craniosacral therapy is much more than a pain reliever.  It is used for a myriad of reasons.

Many times,  a client will say they have a more balanced feeling after a treatment.   This feeling comes from literally having their energy flow changed to be flowing properly .  Other times the client will stand up and say the said pain is gone or somewhat relieved.  What I always hear is , “I feel so relaxed “. 

Since the treatment is on the central nervous system, the client almost always goes into a deep sleep and sleeps well throughout the usual hour long session.  Frequently,  when posed to the client , “What did you feel as I was working on you ?”  The client will respond with “Nothing in particular”.   Opposingly, the therapist will feel muscle, tendon, ligament , bone and energy all moving within the clients body and it is moving into place where it belongs. 

When a treatment is concluded , the client leaves but will continue to receive the benefits of the session for up to 48 hours .  During this time, the client may or may not feel a small bit of discomfort in some areas.  This is because things are still moving into place. 

If a person does feel this discomfort it’s a good thing as it is a confirmation that the treatment is working for them.  By the end of the 48 hours the discomfort will already have stopped.   If the client doesn’t feel discomfort it doesn’t mean nothing happened. They can simply judge for themselves as to how they feel presently .  They will surely know how their body is newly feeling.   

Sometimes it is necessary for the client to have more than one craniosacral treatment for a particular problem.  There is an indirect equation as to how long a person has had a problem to how long it will take to remedy the problem.  I’ve had people enter my shop with problems that range from autism to knee replacements and sinus problems to aching backs.  The majority of the time, it’s always the same, “I feel better”!!

Craniosacral Therapy never ceases to amaze me   There are times when I’ve thought it wouldn’t help something in particular as the client is looking at me pleadingly, and at their wits end for help.  I tell them we will give it a try and lo and behold they call me up within a day or two to let me know the treatment worked for them.

Why not give Craniosacral Therapy a try to help relieve your symptomatic problems.  For a list of things that Craniosacral Therapy may help with, please go to my website at

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Shelley Guyitt, Holistic Therapist
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