Choice Foods – Your Food is Talking About You


Choice Foods – Your Food is Talking About You

From the moment of birth throughout our childhood we use food as the foundation for love, belonging, comfort and reassurance. We are rewarded with food, reprimanded with food and it is the center of all of our social activities.

Think about any get-together you had as a child, it centered around food; whether it was a holiday or a funeral. Think back to when you were in the kitchen with Nana or you Mum baking; close your eyes and you are instantly transported back tasting and smelling the aromas.

Your childhood memories are what shape your comfort foods, anti-depressant foods, frustration foods and foods for wanting love or even a hug. That is the power of food.

As adults we still use food in much the same way. Depending on what is going on in our lives, we turn to food for a reward or comfort to satiate conflicts and emotions we can not deal with.

One of the best examples of using food as a reward is after losing weight; we tend to reward our weight loss goals with the same food that led to the weight gain. Why? These were the foods used to reward you when you were “good” as a child.

In our busy hectic life we have a plethora of food choices to ease and satiate the feelings we don’t have time to deal with. Stress frustration and anger creates a negative energy current that cannot be stored well in our body. Therefore we turn to salty, crunchy foods to “release” the energy, and to feel some control over our current circumstances.

Choice Foods…we all have them, but are you making the right choices?

Women are more apt to eat these types of foods because it is socially unacceptable to express anger especially in the work place. Crunching reminds us of our power and in prehistoric times chewing released the stress of catching our meals.

Endocannabinoid and related messenger systems found in our brain blocks pain and temporarily erases memories and are in abundance in the foods we crave.  If there is a lot of pain physically and/or emotionally, you will over consume to satiate what you are not ready to deal with.

The choice for salt is rather interesting; it is needed on a physical and emotional level. When you are stressed your body depletes nutrients quickly need by your adrenal system to handle stress properly. Although commercial salt does not contain an abundance of minerals, it does contain the minerals depleted during times of stress. Minerals nourish the adrenal gland and balance the hormones associated with stress.

The food choices we tend to reach for to satiate the unconscious emotions are the same foods that contribute to our diagnosed illness and disease. Carbohydrates and sweets are about wanting hugs, reassurance, rewards, and wanting sweetness. The emotional connections to diabetes are taking the sweetness out of one’s life.

Sadly Diabetics also eat a lot of high fat foods to satiate the emptiness they feel, and these types of foods (hamburgers, French fries, high fat red meat) lead to cardiovascular complications which emotionally relates to a broken heart or feeling unloved.

When you are in a situation where you can’t fully express how you feel…what do you reach for?  Hopefully, the right choice foods!  Get a free alkaline food chart to start you in the right direction.

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  2. Hey. I really feel like I know you since I’ve spent the betetr part of last night and today reading your entire blog. I was diagnosed with Stage 1 ovarian cancer at the end of last year and I’m in the middle of chemo and your blog fell into my lap when I was searching for resources last night. I found myself nodding my head reading a lot of your entries. Sounds eerily similar to a lot of stuff I’m currently experiencing. From the thinning hair to the Neulasta shots and port a cath scar. Thank you so much for starting this blog and even more thanks for posting the resources. I’m not able to work and although I’m currently on Medicaid I still have no income coming in and I’m hoping maybe to be able to receive some assistance from some of the places you posted. I hope you keep it up. You’re an inspiration to cancer patients everywhere!

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