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5 Asthma Tips To Coping And Keeping It Away!

Asthma tips

5 Asthma Tips To Coping And Keeping It Away!

Asthma sucks! Yes, we know. Sometimes it isn’t something we can get rid of, so we have to learn to deal with it and dealing with that feeling in your chest and/or that cough can be hard.

If you have ever had that feeling, then you know what we’re talking about!  While its not always preventable, we want to help you cope and deal with Asthma a bit better!   Here are some asthma tips to help you cope.

5 Asthma Tips To Keep It Away

Create an action plan – Yes, this is the first tip.  It won’t be 100% because each time is different but when you have a plan in place for you and your family, you won’t be running around and having a freak out because they don’t know where your inhaler is and/or what to do.  You will have a plan and everyone will be able to know where and what they need to be doing.

Learn your triggers – One of our friends said their trigger was anxiety.  No joke! They would get major anxiety and it would completely throw them in to a full blown asthma attack.  She said she had to stop herself from getting worked up by removing herself from the anxious situation to get calmed down. If you don’t know what your triggers are, keep a diary about when it happens so you can see what you are doing, where you’re at and it will open your eyes to it.

Make sure you bundle up.  Did you know that? In the fall, temperatures begin to drop which can trigger your child’s asthma. If he or she is on a maintenance medication, be sure they take their medicine as prescribed every day to prevent inflammation and asthma symptoms.

Warm Up – Are you an exerciser or a runner?  Did you know that warming up could be beneficial?  Some asthmatic runners may skip a warm-up—thinking that doing so will save their lung power for their race or workout—but, as it happens, getting your lungs working hard beforehand may actually help you avoid an attack. “There’s a refractory period for bronchospasm. If you do a warm-up hard enough to induce some coughing or wheezing, it usually takes about four to six hours before you have as bad a spasm again,” says Roberts.

The key is to warm up just hard enough to get a small spasm without sapping your energy. Roberts suggests running for a few minutes, then doing several short, hard pickups (bursts of faster-paced running).

Wear a medical alert tag.  Sometimes it really is needed. If you have severe asthma, the last thing you want to do is having someone who is around you who doesn’t know you or know what’s going on. At least they will be able to help you with knowing that you are having an asthma attack and not be out of the loop.

These are just a few asthma tips to help you cope and deal with your asthma attacks. What other tips and tricks do you have for dealing with asthma? Please share them below! It would be awesome to get a list going.

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