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Yes, It's Official! Join Our Brand New Affiliate Program!

affiliate program

Yes, It's Official! Join Our Brand New Affiliate Program!

We are so excited to be sharing with you our brand new health affiliate program!

We have had many people ask about how they can promote our products and make a commission, not just a commission but a potential residual commission off of our products.

How Does Our Affiliate Program Work?

Great question! You will need to go to our affiliate program page and get signed up! You would go down to “complete an application now.”  Once you fill out your application, you will be approved and taken to where you can find affiliate links and banners.

Those affiliate links and banners can be added to your blogs, newsletters and your social media sites.  How easy it for you to post on your Facebook or Twitter about this amazing product you have used or heard about it and then post your affiliate link.

It is such a simple process and so easy for you to make some money, which brings us to…

How Can I Make Money With Your Affiliate Program?

Another awesome question!  Let’s talk about the ways and percentages you will get paid.

Our program offers a generous 20% commission on all affiliate sales that are 1st tier and 5% on 2nd tier with a 365 day cookie.

ONE way you could promote – On Facebook you could write about what a product has done you!  ex: “I love my AlkaPitcher, the water tastes great!  I have more energy and my heart burn has stopped all together!  Check it out at (//yourlink.com)”

2 examples of money being earned

1. Someone buys a 3 in 1 FIT Detox Foot Bath through your link. Sells for $2997 x 20% = $599.40 is your commission
2. Someone buys an AlkaPitcher through your link.  Sells for $59.99 x 20% = $11.99 is your commission

How easy, right? So please go on over to //www.hl4y.com/affiliates and sign up today!

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us! We would be more than happy to answer your questions and get you started!

We look forward to having you help us share our products and help people get better and feel healthier!

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