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Why You Should be Offering Detoxification as a Service in Your Business

Why You Should be Offering Detoxification as a Service in Your Business

We opened our exercise/wellness studio in 2007 with a variety of different services. Primarily we did this to offer diversity to my clients but also to diversify our bottom line. I had never owned my own business before and didn’t have the experience yet to know what treatments would be favored, when busy times would be, or what would truly offer the results my clients were looking for.

Our foundational service was vibration platforms for exercise and wellness. As we live in a colder climate and cater to a lot of seniors we decided to compliment with far infrared saunas and got 2 detox footbaths that also had infrared therapy belts. I had little understanding or experience with the footbaths, but they were growing in popularity at the time as a passive treatment for all kinds of health issues. My research made me more than confident that they would be a great addition.

Our studio classes quickly grew and our post treatments became services on their own especially the baths… everyone around town was talking about them. The results were amazing from relieving all kinds of chronic aches and pains to many sleeping better, feeling more energized, better mental clarity, and even less constipation (a common one!).

Many were drawn by the visual, the smells, and the way you feel after you do a session it’s such personal experience that is different for everyone. My clients just knew they felt better, this worked where everything else had not. We had 2 units set up in an area where people could have a cup of tea and visit as they often come in pairs. Others in the studio could see the footbaths in progress, take a seat and visit too it became pretty busy back there at times with so much to see and smell… on the smell at times!

My experience began to develop with much broader perspective, seeing the progression of how people were feeling, how their performance on the exercise was improving and how different the baths could vary between people. I could see “hint’s” in colors or the texture of the residues that form in the footbath. I could smell different odors and was beginning to identify things like cigarette smoke, certain spices or foods and more commonly chemicals… just after a recent hair treatment or round of medications is the worst.

The foot baths were ramping up the body’s ability to detoxify, making how our bodies rid themselves of harmful toxins more effective. Before evolving to more specialized online training and closing our doors after 11 years I probably had completed close to 3500 detox sessions. I still own 2 new units now, the new Hyperbaths as I still enjoy helping close friends and family with their health.

Without proper detoxification we can experience short term setbacks but over time can lead to more serious chronic issues. Chronic illness is on the rise, according to the CDC nearly 30% of the US adult population has multiple chronic conditions. We can try to get more active and eat better but realize we are exposed to toxins in every facet of our daily lives yet lend little time or
thought to expelling them.

If you are a wellness business or practitioner that is not offering detoxification now you need to consider this simple service that may well have the biggest impact on your client’s overall health. Talk with John about the advantages of becoming an Accredited Healthier Living 4 You Partner! He is a great support to me and my clients.

Deb Pelletier
Vibration PLate Specialist/Coach

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