Water Filter Pitchers Can Make Your Water Healthier

alkaline water filter pitcher

Water Filter Pitchers Can Make Your Water Healthier

Water Filter Pitchers Can Make Your Water Healthier

Is your water safe? Do you consume clean, filtered water? Do you believe the tap water that comes to your house is clean? Think again. Today many agencies and experts say that your tap water is safe, but can you believe that?  If you go take a full glass of water from your tap, how does it smell?  How does it taste?  Is there an odor?  Does it taste refreshing or does it taste full of chemicals?  By law water needs to go through certain filtration and then it is treated with chemicals.  Chemicals that no human is supposed to digest, even if the experts say the levels are safe.



The water we drink straight out of the tap contains chlorine. Chlorine kills the bacteria and makes water safe and that’s why it is added by the municipal water supply companies. However, it is reported that one-fifth of our public water supplies contain VOC’s (volatile organic chemicals) which can create a wide variety of health problems.

The simplest ways to make sure that you drink healthy, clean and hygienic water is using a water pitcher that contains a proper filter. A water filter pitcher can easily remove contaminants and VOC’s. A water pitcher is easy to use and the maintenance only consists of changing a small filter about every 60 days.

Making sure you are drinking alkaline water is also super important.  There’s a good chance your tap water is acidic or if it is alkaline, it is most likely chemically treated to be alkaline.  An Alkaline water filter pitcher is your best option.

It can hold 2.5L of water and filters last for 60 days. The AlkaPitcher Alkaline water pitcher is made from BPA free plastic and on an average it maintains a level of pH 8.5-9.9 and ORP: -100mv to -200mv.

The filter in the AlkaPitcher contains Activated Carbon, Ion Exchange Resin, Negative Potential Ball (ORP) and Tourmaline. Certainly, there are other brands, but the AlkaPitcher has helped thousands of customers have clean, alkaline water since 2011.  When you look for accessibility, simplicity and improvement of your water you have to choose the AlkaPitcher(alkaline water filter). AlkaPitcher – your easy way to a healthy lifestyle!




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