Are you a vegan or a vegetarian?

Before you answer that question, I would like to ask if you know the difference between the two. Do you know their differences?

Becoming vegan or vegetarian is not as easy as it seems. Those who are used of eating meat will have a hard time turning into a vegan or vegetarian individual. That is why it is better if you do not stop eating meats immediately. Instead, it could be done gradually for your body not to be shocked with the sudden changes or transitions. As soon as the red meat is excluded from your diet, the next problem you’ll have to face is the decision of becoming a vegan or vegetarian.

So what is the really difference between the two?

Vegans completely exclude foods of the animal origin. Vegetarians are not that restrictive. Actually, vegans are referred to as strict vegetarians because there are certain vegetarians that still include certain animal products in their diet:

  • ovo vegetarians consume eggs, but no other animal product
  • lacto-vegetarians include dairy products in their meals
  • lacto-ovo-vegetarians do not restrict their diet from eggs and dairy products
  • pesco-vegetarians also eat fish and seafood along with dairy products and eggs
  • semi-vegetarians follow diets that exclude red meat, but no other foods of animal origin.

There you see the complete difference between vegan and vegetarian. Both can be a healthy diet for a healthy living. It is just up to you to decide whether you can do it or not.

So have you ever wondered what Vegans eat?  Well, they eat lasagna and much more of course!   There are many foods to eat other then foods and a lot of them are much easier to digest and have more vitamins and minerals in them.  To read more Click Here and read this article.

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