The Two Sides of Detox

The Two Sides of Detox

Lately, this Detox thing has been an essential demand in our world today. It is a phenomenon of removal of toxins and poisons from the body. The idea of a good detox diet is to eat pure and natural foods that will aid the function of the lymph, kidneys, and liver.

All foods that hinder the regime will be avoided. It’s suggested that toxins build up from taking too much fat, sugar, alcohol, caffeine, preservatives, and pollution. The kits usually contain a dietary program, which is supplemented with a variety of vitamins, minerals, tonics, digestive aids, and laxatives.

 A Call for Detox?

Detox diets are controversial. Many feel that most of the so-called “medical science” presented in these diets is nothing more than fiction. It is true that most of these diets have quite severe restrictions, and should be embarked upon with great care. People will make drastic changes when they go on a detox diet, and often feel better for starting a structured regimen.

“I need to detox!”

It’s a common refrain at this time of year. After a hectic festive season, a good time for people to have this is a month of January, the starting month; an urge to begin the new year fresh. However, detox kits made up of herbal laxatives and diuretics are unnecessary and have generally shown to have no proven benefit.

Detox regimes do not improve kidney and liver function; this is well designed to filter your blood of fats, alcohol, and other unwelcome extras, all without the help of a lavish box from your local pharmacy. There is no scientific evidence to support specific detox diets, programs, or supplement kits. However, there’s no doubt about the fact that eating less junk food, cutting out cigarettes and your alcohol intake, etc., will commend your health.

Start with drinking more water and cutting out caffeine.  This will improve your hydration levels, while reducing your portion sizes and increasing your vegetable intake will improve bowel movements. These changes will enhance your well-being, but there’s nothing magical about the detox diet itself. Rather, it’s the associated lifestyle changes that increase your health.

The Dangerous Side of Detox

The main problem with detox diets is that they can lead to a diet which is very short of essential nutrients. Any weight you may lose is temporary, due to a loss of water and severe kilojoule restriction. This can be pretty upsetting when the weight is rapidly put back on.

Some people also experience side effects like headaches, fatigue and nausea, which advocates say is the result of the body detoxifying, when in reality it’s caused by the lack of food. This lack of food also makes it impossible to stick to the diet for long periods of time.

There is also the risk that strict detox plans can contribute to an unhealthy obsession with food and even the development of an eating disorder.

A detox diet that encourages the increased excretion of feces and urine can result in potentially serious health problems. It can cause the depletion of essential minerals such as calcium, phosphorous, sodium and potassium, which leads to dehydration and altered electrolyte levels. Electrolytes are needed for metabolism.

Detox kits that contain laxatives and diuretics or encourage you to fast could, potentially, do more harm than good. Laxatives speed up your bowel motions, but also prevent the absorption of nutrients, while diuretics can results in partial dehydration.

The fasting component of a detox should only be minimal, and not extend beyond a day or two. By eating next to nothing, you are not getting enough nutrients for the essential functions of your body. Supplements are no substitute for real food, and relying solely on them can result in vitamin deficiencies.

Fasting is also known to slow down your metabolic rate, which encourages your body to store fat, making it harder to lose body fat in the future.

It says so, Detox diets are very unwise for people who are undergoing growth and development such as children and adolescents, pregnant or breastfeeding women, older adults who have impaired renal or hepatic function, those with diabetes or heart disease, and people with irritable or functional bowel disease.

No Swift fix

Life was always a matter of waiting for the right moment to act. If you’ve spent weeks, months, or years overindulging, drinking, and smoking, you can’t hope to fix yourself in a few days. Detox diets aren’t an instant cure to health and wellness.

Short-term changes to your diet and lifestyle only result in short-term changes to your health and wellness. If you can’t stick to the lifestyle changes you make over the long term, there’s no point starting them, as they won’t have any serious impact upon your health.

For The Finale…

Be wary of extreme detoxes involving fasting or laxatives, which ironically, make shedding extra pounds harder in the future, and can lead to potential vitamin deficiencies. Be careful in choosing your detox program. There are a number of better, healthful choices you can make over the long term that will have a greater impact on improving your health.

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Ultimately, if, after all this, you still want to follow a detox diet, look for one that has the fewest restrictions and only use it to kick-start a longer term, more varied healthy eating plan.

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