So what’s next?

“In general people experience their present naively, as it were, without being able to form an estimate of its contents; they have first to put themselves at a distance from it – the present, that is to say, must have become the past – before it can yield points of vantage from which to judge the future. “

A Quote by Sigmund Freud relating about the future of oneself in conducting life.

I think everybody feels a bit differently as they detox. What’s next is probably working on yourself and your recovery every day.

It’s also important to think about how you intend to eat and live after the detox. It’s what you do most of the time that has the biggest impact on your health and body shape, not what you do occasionally. A two week change in habits is hardly going to have a dramatic impact on your well-being.  It’s long-term lifestyle habits that have the strongest influence over your current body shape, and your health.

Try to use your detox as a time to increase your awareness of the way you eat, what you eat, how much you eat, and why you eat. Take a closer look at your activity levels, the amount of sleep you get, and how you deal with stress. Try to get a better picture of what’s working and what isn’t. Then you will be in the best position to do something about it—now and in the future.

The DOABLE detox

Detox. A little word with a lot of draw. Really it’s not just an invitation of goodbye coffee, hello herbal tea, but the promise is vast. Just a week into a detox and you’re likely to experience a boost in energy, clearer skin, less gas and bloating and even less congestion.

Behind this seemingly miraculous transformation considering, Even if you take good care of your body, you’re still bombarded with toxins. They’re in the food you eat, the water you drink and the air you breathe. Your body naturally produces toxins, too. It’s up to your digestive system— especially the hard-working liver, the body’s main detoxifier—to send those toxins packing.

In an ideal world, our bodies would eliminate toxins with ease. However, “as our exposure to toxins increases, our ability to deal with them decreases. You can boost your body’s natural functioning by adopting  good health habits every day, rather than going on a two-week program. Why not structure your own healthy lifestyle plan without having to pay for an expensive detox program.

Instead of detoxing, why not just de-junk? Give your body a break from digesting saturated fats and excess calories, especially from take-out meals, sugar, and processed foods. Plant-based foods, such as vegetables, fruits, nuts, herbs, whole grains, and legumes are less processed, so they are high in fiber, and have a high ratio of nutrients to calories.

This slows down their absorption rate, helping to satisfy your hunger and boost your well-being. Packaging, processing, and preserving foods reduces their nutritional value. Processed foods often include refined ingredients, such as salt, sugar, and chemically altered fats. Be wary when you’re pouring something out of a box, opening a can, or reconstituting something with water. When the ingredient list includes a bunch of numbers and chemicals you can’t pronounce, there are probably better food choices you could make.

The 10’s of do-it-yourself detox

Help rid your body of contaminants acquired through daily exposure to pollution, cleaning products, processed foods and pesticides. By reducing stress, eating whole foods and approaching chores in a natural way, you can create a do-it-yourself detox to help you cleanse your mind and body. Enhance your body’s ability to cleanse itself through a detox and instill healthier habits for life.

  1. Eliminate tobacco.
  2. Avoid foods containing artificial coloring or flavoring.
  3. Eat plenty of fresh fruit and vegetables.
  4. Take a multivitamin tablet daily.
  5. Drink at least eight glasses of water daily, and quit the soda thing.
  6. Avoid foods containing salt and high levels of preservatives.
  7. Eliminate your alcohol and reduce caffeine intake.
  8. Avoid full-cream dairy products, fatty meats, animal fats, and simple sugars.
  9. Focus on whole grains, and avoid processed grain foods like white pasta, white bread, white rice, and low-fiber breakfast cereals.
  10. Include some form of physical activity on a daily basis, or at last five times a week. Increase the intensity of exercise as your fitness improves.

Psychological Performance

One positive from do-it-yourself detox kits is that they provide a form of psychological comfort, because action is being taken and changes are being made to improve one’s health. They offer a set plan to follow, which is often the structure people need to initiate change. Some people also don’t like to think long term about their health, so a short-term plan sounds possible.

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