Welcome to the Healthier Living 4 You Giveaway!

Thanks for stopping by we are so excited to provide this “Customer Giveaway” of over $3500 in prizes being given to some lucky winners.  Remember it only take 1 entry to win, so why not let that be you!  Take a little time out of your day and let’s share with the world!  If you haven’t hit the “Like” button on our Facebook Page… be sure to do so right now! //facebook.com/detoxfootbath.   Then continue on reading below…


1. Write us a Fan Review  (2 Entries)

CLICK HERE  and be sure to write us a great fan review!  Be sure to star rate it, write your “Fan Review” and then hit “Submit Review” button.  You may get a window that pops up, please be sure to click “Allow” or your submission will not go through.


2. Video Testimonials! (10 Entries)

Thanks for taking the time to create a video testimonial for us! We want it just to be real, just to be you and by all means does not have to be a professional video. (We would actually prefer not)  Use your phone, your digital camera video setting, a personal camcorder, webcam or whatever you have to capture video. Congratulations for getting 10 entries into our draw!

This can be uploaded through Facebook or Youtube.

Please be sure to:

  • mention our company name, Healthier Living 4 You,
  • the product name in which you will be sharing your testimonial
  • and of course your testimonial.
  • Once you have this complete, please email info@hl4y.com with the link, once submitted you will be entered!

Not sure how to upload video?  The links below can help you!  Or ask any kid under the age of 12.  🙂

3. Referral Submission (10 Entries)

80% of our business runs on referrals and we are so happy you have decided to refer someone to us.  You will receive 10 entries into our giveaway and you will still receive your commissions for doing so.  Commissions vary on each product, please call us if you don’t have these details 1-866-745-5743.  Thanks for helping us spread the word of health!

Referral Submission Guidelines:

  1. Send an email to info@hl4y.com with:
  2. Referral Name
  3. Refer Phone Number
  4. Referral Email Address
  5. And what product they are interested in