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We’re so excited you’re here and we’re happy to get YOU Detoxing and Alkalizing your body to maintain or regain your Health!  We’ve been doing this since 2002, so we know a few secrets to getting it done!

Below you’ll see a whole detoxing and alkalizing road map that we have put together for you and your family absolutely free.

Remember… “No disease can live in an alkaline environment, but thrives in an acidic environment.”

So, making sure you and your family are leading a lifestyle towards alkalinity is our key objective!

Your Free Detoxing and Alkalizing Course Include:

  • Detoxing 101

    Do you detox your body on a regular basis?  Do you breathe, drink, eat and absorb? Then, yes you’re toxic! This stage is arguably the most important, because  most peoples’ bodies are over toxic! Learn all the ABC’s of detoxing and how you can get started detoxing today!
  • Alkaline Water – The only Water

    Learn why you need to have alkaline water fueling your body.  We’ll provide you some great articles as well as a few videos, so you can learn all about Alkaline Water.
  • Alkaline Foods Chart & Recipes

    Get your own Alkaline Acidic Foods Chart. To help you understand the difference between alkaline food and acidic foods. As well as some of our favorite recipes.



  1. Download – Alkaline Food Chart
  2. Download your Free – Your Toxic Truth E-Book or Reverse Detox?
  3. Be sure you’re drinking the right water
  4. Free Personal Detoxing Counseling Session