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Upgrade to the Most Advanced Professional Technology Available!

Do you have an old HL4Y HyperBath Pro system? Or do you have an Ion Detox Foot Bath of any brand? Whether you’re a spa owner, wellness therapist, or alternative health-conscious individual, we’re offering $750 for your old foot baths in exchange for the new HyperBath Pro Cellular Rebalancing System. This proprietary modality is the most advanced ionic detox foot bath machine on the planet!

We’re dedicated to providing professional-grade equipment to businesses and individuals. Our $750 trade-in for any ion detox system of any brand will provide you with more holistic support while removing low-quality machines from the market!

I Want the $750 Trade-in

Order today through the shopping cart with coupon code TRADE750     

Why Upgrade to HyperBath Pro?

The HyperBath Pro is a proven, groundbreaking system that rebalances and restores your cellular energy. Imagine the vitality of improved health and well-being with a body free of mental, physical, and emotional toxins. With its advanced technology, the HyperBath Pro offers a deeper, more effective detox and rejuvenation experience compared to older models.

Your upgraded Hyperbath Pro system can help you by…

    • Improving arthritis symptoms

    • Relieving chronic fatigue

    • Boosting energy levels

    • Alleviating back pain

    • Strengthening focus and concentration

    • Reducing exhaustion and mood swings

    • And much more!

Whether you’re a wellness clinic owner or simply a health-conscious person, you can enjoy the benefits of this revolutionary machine. All you need to do is contact us today to trade in your old foot bath for our new HyperBath Pro Cellular Rebalancing system!

[Trade in Your Old Foot Bath Today]

Order today through the shopping cart with coupon code TRADE750     

Experience the Future of Wellness

Research has revealed that illness and healing begin at the cellular level. The HyperBath Pro facilitates deep cell-level healing by creating microcurrents that permeate the water, realigning and rebalancing your body’s energy field for natural functionality.

Upgrade to the HyperBath Pro and experience the future of wellness in your own home today. Join thousands of satisfied customers who have already benefited from the HyperBath Pro’s advanced detoxification and cellular rebalancing technology. Say goodbye to toxins, stress, and fatigue and hello to a healthier, more vibrant you.

Here’s why the HyperBath Pro is the future of wellness…

    • Cellular revitalizing and rebalancing properties

    • Bodily detoxification benefits

    • Incredible impact on your emotional well-being

    • New method to ionically cleanse your chakras and energy centre

    • Healing is fast and can be done in your own home

Cells can heal themselves and replace damaged ones by replicating healthy cells. They just need an energy boost to start the process. Don’t miss out on this opportunity to take your wellness journey to the next level. Trade in your old system today and start living a healthier, more energized life with the HyperBath Pro

[Upgrade to the New HyperBath Pro]

Order today through the shopping cart with coupon code TRADE750     

Call or email John to discuss your trade-in

                          (product won’t be shipped until your trade-in machine is received)                                               

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