Smart Hacks To Make Your Pool Eco-Friendly

eco swimming pool

Smart Hacks To Make Your Pool Eco-Friendly

Smart Hacks To Make Your Pool Eco-Friendly

More and more of the population are proactively being eco-friendly as they go about their day to day business. A survey conducted by found that one in three consumers prefer eco-friendly options, while 35% said they’d pay more for products which are better for the environment. Many pool owners feel they have no choice but to opt for harsh cleaning chemicals in order to keep their pools clean and safe to use. However, with the risks of swimming pool chlorine being highly documented, now is the time to seek out eco-friendly ways to overhaul your pool for the benefit of your health and the environment.



Avoid emptying your pool

When winter hits and your outdoor pool will be out of use for several months, it can be tempting to drain your pool so that you haven’t got to worry about keeping on top of algae and bacteria. Not only is emptying your pool a waste of water, but it also means that when you fill it back up, you’ll need to add more cleaning chemicals than usual to make it useable. When the time comes to go for your first swim of the year, your skin and eyes may be affected more than normal due to the additional products used. Instead, opt for an automated computer controlled pool water purification system to keep your pool environmentally friendly and clean and to protect your body and health.

Choose a natural heater

Traditionally, the water in your pool is heated via a gas or propane heater. However, there are risks associated with these types of heat sources. Gas leaks can occur at any time, therefore, regular checks are required. Exposure to gas can lead to the inhalation of carbon monoxide which can cause numerous health issues and poisoning can even occur. Choosing to heat your pool via solar heating panels is an eco-friendly way to utilize the heat from the sun and once you’ve paid out for solar panels there’s no additional cost to factor in, making them cost-effective too.

eco swimming pool


Opt for a natural pool

For those wanting to maintain a swimming pool completely chemical free, it may be best to remove your existing pool and have a professional create a tranquil, natural pool.  Natural pools have a section where plants are installed and it’s these plants which keep the pool and water clean and safe to use. There is some maintenance and upkeep required to keep a natural pool in tip-top condition, although, it’s typically lower maintenance than a standard chemical pool. Being in touch with nature is one of the many great experiences that swimming in a natural pool gives. Individuals also benefit from being safe in the knowledge that the water is naturally pure and clean.

A swimming pool within the home is a great way to stay fit and healthy. However, owners should do all they can to make their pool as eco-friendly as possible to ensure the best for the environment and for their and their families health. Therefore, keeping your pool full all year round and installing solar panel heaters are highly recommended. And, it’s worth investing in a natural pool, too, if you’re after something a little different and substantially green.

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