Removing Heavy Metals From Your Body With Chlorella And Cilantro

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Removing Heavy Metals From Your Body With Chlorella And Cilantro

Removing Heavy Metals From Your Body With Chlorella And Cilantro

As a human being, there are so many heavy metals that you get exposed to without even realizing on a daily basis. No wonder you will find nutritional specialists stressing that you have to keep on removing heavy metals from your body. Some of these metals include aluminum, cadmium, and mercury just to name a few. These metals get embedded in the bones and central nervous system of the human body. It is always advisable to do heavy metal cleanse on a regular basis so as to keep your body safe.

The bio accumulation of heavy metals take place for several years and this can make you to start suffering from acute health problems that result from heavy metal poisoning. Therefore, there are very high chances that you have toxic metals in your body system. The good news is that there exists a simple one-two combination that will help you chelate these heavy metals so that they will no longer circulate in your body. The solution lies in the magical combination of cilantro and chlorella.

Chelating agents are the ones that bind to the heavy metallic toxin ions so that the body removes them through the regular channels of excretion.  Pharmaceuticals such as 2,3- dimercaprol have been on the leading end when it comes to chelation therapy for arsenic and lead poisoning. The challenge with these treatments is that they have adverse side effects. There is the right and proper dose of chlorella and Chinese Parsley (cilantro) that is very powerful when it comes to the chelation of several heavy metals.

It is advisable to use cilantro hand in hand with chlorella if you want to get the best results. Dr. George Georgiou argues that the level of toxins that cilantro mobilizes is higher than what it can carry out from the human body system. The implication is that it may end up flooding your connective tissue which is the residence of your nerves with the metals that the body had previously stored in safe hiding places.  This may result into re-toxification just in case the person does not use anoth-binding agents. You could have experienced this kind of effect if you have been eating huge amounts of salads that are full of cilantro on a daily basis. Some of the side effects include joint pain, terrible acne, and moodiness just to name a few. While the body system was busy mobilizing heavy metals, all of them were not excreted at a fast pace. This means that the body was detoxifying and toxifying itself at the same time.

Chlorella is an intestinal absorbing agent and adding it will prohibit the re-toxification  of your system. Recently completed clinical studies have proven that using chlorella and cilantro for heavy metal chelation will naturally remove 74 percent of aluminum, 91 percent of mercury, of 87 percent of lead from your body system naturally within a period of 42 days.

Symptoms of the Presence of Heavy Metals in the Body

Heavy Metal Toxicity

Heavy metal toxicity has very clear symptoms to the human body. These include but are not limited to anxiety, depression, dementia, insomnia, and brain fog. If you let these metallic toxins to pile in your body system for long periods, they may end up damaging your mental functionality, some vital organs and even the nervous function. therefore, it is important to get rid of these toxins as soon as you can. Taking cilantro and chlorella is one of the most effective methods of removing these toxins from your body. Get onto this diet when you begin to experience these heavy metal symptoms and you will see a difference in your life.

You may also experience additional symptoms of heavy metal toxicity depending on the reaction of your body. This is a problem that most people in the modern world are dealing with. The main contributing factor is a high level of exposure to toxic heavy metals. The other symptoms you will notice include cognitive changes, mood disturbances, and low energy. Heavy metals will get into your blood after being exposed to household products, dental fillings, contaminated water, or farmed fish. These metals will then travel through the whole body and even penetrate your cells and other organs and tissues. The toxic metals will remain stored in these places for several years. These symptoms will inform you that you need to embark on the process of removing heavy metals from your body.

Heavy Metal Toxicity Treatment

The best way to start reversing these symptoms is going for a heavy metal detox plan. However, as you work to remove these heavy metals, some of the symptoms may get worse before you become better. Some of these symptoms include having digestive issues, loss of appetite, and fatigue. Some of the foods that can help you to remove heavy metals from your body include bone broth, super foods like algae, spices, herbs, veggies and other non-starchy veggies. However, they may not be very effective especially in high concentration and that is why chlorella and cilantro are recommended. You can also incorporate certain supplements and detoxifying treatments in a natural heavy metal diet plan to support the liver, nervous system, brain, and other vital organs. The best heavy metal cleanse that you can find in the market remains to be chlorella and cilantro.

Dangers of Heavy Metals

Heavy metals can lead to poisoning or toxicity even in very low concentrations. Some of these metals include thallium, uranium, nickel, aluminum, cadmium, arsenic, lead, mercury, calcium, zinc, lithium, iron, and manganese just to name a few. This will tell you that a high concentration of even the essential minerals can be very dangerous. Some heavy metals like mercury, lead, cadmium, and arsenic do not have any beneficial role in the human homeostasis but contribute towards noncommunicable diseases.

According to research, exposure to at least 23 environmental or heavy metals  can result into chronic or acute toxicity.  The term heavy is used because the metals will stick around in your body by hiding out in fat cells or adipose tissue. They have the same characteristics fat soluble like soluble toxins because it is very hard to get rid of them. The body fats attempt to protect your organs by trapping some of the substances that are inside which includes some metals and this makes them to linger. No wonder some weight loss programs can lead into heavy metal detoxification because the fat cells will shrink while releasing dormant toxins.

How to Take Chlorella and Cilantro

The other question you could be asking yourself is how do I take chlorella and cilantro? All you need to do is include these powerful detox foods in your diet. You can either decide to juice them or add them to your recipes. No one can underestimate the power of this magical duo. In case you are feeling depressed of foggy brained, chlorella and cilantro will do miracles for you. Try cilantro heavy metal cleanse and you will not regret.

How Does Chlorella and Cilantro Work?

Chlorella has important properties that play a critical role of assisting cilantro to detoxify your body system. Cilantro also has its benefits when it comes to enhancing the process of removing heavy metals from your body.  Let us take some time and analyze some of these properties and benefits. The primary intention of this treatment is removing heavy metals from your body.

Properties of Chlorella

  • Chlorella is anti-viral by nature
  • It binds to environmental toxins such as dioxins among others
  • This substance repairs the detoxification functions of the body
  • Chlorella enhances glutathione which is the master antioxidant of the body.
  • It binds to the heavy metals in an exceptionally great manner.
  • Gamma and alpha lineolic acids that are in chlorella assist in increasing the intake of several fatty acids such as fish oil.
  • Methyl-coblolamine will repair the damaged neurons and nervous system that suffer from heavy metal poisoning most of the time.
  • Chlorella possesses the form of vitamin B12 and B6 that are most easily absorbed by the body system..
  • This substance has high amino acids levels and this is ideal for vegetarians.
  • Chlorella has the ability of opening your cell walls and this is a necessary condition for the detoxification process
  • Chlorella tends to restore the heavy gut flora

Benefits of Cilantro

  • Cilantro is a highly effective metal toxin mobilizer and binding agent
  • It has powerful anti-inflammatory properties
  • It us antibacterial by nature
  • Cilantro decreases LDL and increases HDL cholesterol which is good for the body.
  • Has ability to prevent bloating and gas
  • Cilantro has the power to ward off any kind of urinary tract infections
  • It eases hormonal swings during menstruation and menopause
  • Has ability to reduce nausea
  • Will add fibre to your digestive tract and this is a highly effective bulking agent
  • Possesses high amounts of magnesium and iron that fight against anemia
  • Minimizes minor swelling
  • Enhances the health of the liver
  • You can use it as an expectorant

The qualities of chlorella and cilantro complement  each so as to get rid of heavy metals from the body system in an effective manner. You can refer to them as a dream team when you want to locate and wash away metal toxins from the body. One important piece of advice is that you have to make sure that your levels of magnesium are high before you embark on any serious chelation program.  The reason for this is that this trace minerals assist in enhancing ‘relaxed’ arteries and will make the process of eliminating toxins from the body system an easy one.


In summary, the powerful properties of both chlorella and cilantro complement each other so well when it comes to flushing heavy metals from your body. The combination has been scientifically tested to be safe for your body. The game plan of chlorella and cilantro is very simple as it thrives on the benefits of each of them. Cilantro is very good when it comes to the mobilization of heavy toxins that are in your body and hence it gets them ready for flushing out. This means that the metal toxins can also settle back into your body system in a very easy manner.

On the other hand, chlorella has a special talent of having the ability to bind to the heavy metallic toxins. Therefore, it will grab them after cilantro mobilizes them. It will bind these metal toxins to the bile that is located in the liver. Lastly, as chlorella strives to help the liver to remove the bile, the process will begin and all the toxins will be removed from your body as waste. You can be sure of doing away with the heavy metals in a very effective manner. The most important thing is having a successful process of removing heavy metals from your body.

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