Healthy Cleanse – 21 Day Cleanse

“Internal Cleansing for the Liver, Colon, Kidneys & Blood”

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HealthyCleanseHealthy Cleanse

This is our powerful cleansing system for the body. The three components are design to stimulate and clean the eliminating organs of the body riding all toxins in your body.

The Healthy Cleanse has been designed to cleanse the body of its toxins it accumulates. Its stimulates the kidneys, the intestines, the liver and the lungs.

We recommend detoxifying the body four times a year, after every change of season. While being on the cure we recommend the client to reduce the following: alcohol, coffee, milk products, red meats, fried foods, and refined sugars. While on the cure the client should eliminate more frequently and we recommend drinking at least 1 litre of water a day to help flush out the toxins.

Learn how to eat a proper alkaline diet and lose weight today!

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