Tired of Feeling Like Your Body Is Betraying You and Keeping You Unhealthy?

Here’s How One Test, Just A Few Minutes During Your Day, Can Revolutionize Your Life And Reduce Toxic Alarm

Here is what you need to do to fix your Toxic Body Fast

Do you wake up groggy, feel uneasy throughout the day, and then go to bed early only to struggle to fall asleep?

That’s a dangerous cycle and it can quickly cause your body to build up acids and toxins, which makes it even harder to get healthy.

It doesn’t seem to matter what you’re eating or exercising or doing to destress, these problems just feel like they build up more and more. That means you feel worse and then start making worse decisions, with super sugary snacks to staying up late to avoid the frustration of lying awake…

And you’re not alone… it’s a cycle that’s harming millions of North Americans.

FACT: 70 million North Americans struggle to sleep and feel well

And that 70 million number isn’t coming from me… it’s research developed by the CDC itself:

Yes… the leading health researcher with access to thousands of scientists and millions of patients… and they’ve found that sleep isn’t happening and we’re all feeling worse because of it.

And, it’s leading to that buildup of toxins that are making you feel even worse when you’re awake.

AND… Sleep is even more important than we used to think!

The dangers of these sleep concerns are becoming even greater the more we learn about sleep. Here’s something you might not know:

While you sleep, your body is hard at work processing all the acids from the day.

If you’re not sleeping well, your body is going to struggle to process all of those acids, leaving them in your body longer. You see, your first morning urine should be more acidic, and it’s supposed to even out during the day.

BUT for many of us, that acidic level doesn’t go down enough for us to be healthy…

That means our kidneys are being overworked and our body is building up with harmful acids and toxins that we’re not giving our body the right help to remove.

You could even be exacerbating the problem because you’re not eating a diet designed to bring you back to balance, you’re just worrying about calories and nutrients.

Please know, you didn’t do anything wrong… This isn’t your fault… It’s a product of how we all live today…

So how do you get around these concerns?

Is there a body “hack” that will get you back to a healthy place? Is there some secret way to learn more about your body and figure out how to fix things?

There IS.

And that’s exactly what I’m going to show you right now:

The Ultimate Yet Simple pH Self Test Strips for Body Wellness

We’ve been studying wellness and health concerns since 1995 when our very own Bev Jacobs fell ill and wasn’t able to be properly diagnosed for doctors until 2000. Bev went through major body changes that took away all of her energy and didn’t respond to pills, shots, or standard therapies.

So, we started researching everything under the Sun and looked for the big picture that might show what went wrong.

And TOXINS turned out to be the culprit. They are in the air, what we eat, and what we drink. And if we’re not sleeping well and eating right, then we’re not getting them out of our bodies. We’re not getting rid of the acids that build up, giving the toxins the perfect way to escape elimination.

So, we figured out the problem and then we got to work on how to share that information with people just like you.

When we finished reading EVERYTHING, we realized it could be simple by just testing what our body gives us.

But we have to understand those test results too!

That’s where my ultimate personal pH Self Test Strips come in, because it’s simple and effective. You can do it without any training or expensive tools…

Learn To Solve Your Health In 6 Easy Steps
Chek MarkStep 1: Buy this pH Self Test Kit. Read the simple instructions and look at the color swatches.
Chek MarkStep 2: Remove one strip from the packaging.
Chek MarkStep 3: Pass the pH strip directly through your stream of urine so that it’s thoroughly wet.
Chek MarkStep 4: Wait about 15 seconds for the pH strip to change color. Compare this to the pH scale on your test strip box and write that number down.
Chek MarkStep 5: Check your pH whenever you go for about two weeks so you can create an average picture of your health.
Chek MarkStep 6: Compare your number to what’s healthy and then review the information we provide so that you can get back to a healthy balance in your body!

AND it doesn’t have to be pain or pills or anything else to get you healthy!

We’ll let you know if you could need minerals like sodium or calcium. You’ll have easy advice to get back on track in an enjoyable way, which could include eating more avocados, drinking almond milk, trying some new leafy greens, or picking up a new superfood designed to help your body remove toxins and acids.

So, Why The Strips?

Personally, I always recommend these pH Self Test Strips with the information packet from Healthier Living 4 You because there’s a lot of misinformation on the Internet. We’ve seen the EXACT WRONG advice given out on major websites and blogs…

And that means people are hurting when they don’t need to be…

That families are at risk when they don’t need to be…

That recovering from illness and regaining wholeness is taking longer than it needs too…

So, please don’t try something that isn’t thoroughly backed by research, especially if you’re doing this for your family, for someone you love.

I mean it…

Don’t Change Your Habits Until You Know What’s Wrong

At Healthier Living 4 You, we’ve put in countless hours of research over the past 20 years, with a lot of testing too. We’ve seen what works, what REALLY DOESN’T, and made mistakes along the way.

We’ve made those mistakes so that you don’t have to… so that you can start on the right path to healing, right away.

So, you don’t have to go it alone! You don’t have to be scared that you’re not doing what’s right for your family. You can make the right choice for health and understanding, leading to improved rest, mental strength and much, much more.

And, I want to get you started with everything you need for just $10. These packages are normally up to $50 in stores, and I normally change $30 for this very kit.

But right now, I’m knocking 66% off and giving it to you for just $10.

That’s less than what it costs me BUT it’s my pledge to help get you healthy. Test your body pH and get your results in just 15 seconds.

Get everything you need to protect your health and your family, for a price that you just can’t beat. Plus, you’ll get access to our community and resources for some of the best (and tastiest!) ways to get healthier if your pH isn’t right.

Protect your family, get a healthier body to help you live longer, and learn the secret language that your body tells you every morning. It’s time to unlock that mystery to health.

And, you’ll have the best help in the business to get you there.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Why $10?

If you’re thinking “$10 is cheap…what’s the catch?” then here are three reasons that should put your mind at ease:

  1. $10 is affordable for everyone and every family. No matter where you’re at in your health or your budget, we believe this makes health affordable for all.
  2. It weeds out the freebie-seekers. I want to help people who are serious, not people who just want something for nothing. This is a small investment and lets me know that you’re serious about health and would actually read blog posts or research I share in the future. (Reading is perfect for brain health!)
  3. And $10 covers some of my costs to provide the PH test strips, education packets, and to keep giving you new research and help with getting you healthy.

Is there a guarantee?

Yes, there is. We guarantee that the product will work and properly react to your urine for efficient testing. If there is any problem with the strips or packaging, contact us right away and we’ll make sure you have a simple testing kit that can get you answers.

Is there something else I can test?

Urine is the best way to measure your body because it’s extremely accurate. However, you can also test your saliva. Test it multiple times a day before you eat or at least 30 minutes after you eat (and rinse with water to make sure food isn’t impacting your results!).

You won’t get to know exactly what your body is saying, but we can help you understand these results for a clear path to health.

What kind of results have other people had by working with HL4Y?

Here are just a few…

“I was looking for a Quality Products and I believe I found it in the Healthier Living 4 You products. Thanks.”

Veloy Miner
Saskatoon, Saskatchewan

“Craig and John are great to work with & sincerely care about our success & health, thank you for your support.”

Christine Unruh
Fort McMurray, Alberta

“I can’t thank you enough… I thought I’d have to live like that for the rest of my life.”

Lisa Wedewer
Saskatchewan (Likes it so much that she became a distributor!)

“I can’t say enough about the encouragement and support from John and his family at HL4Y. I find them to be incredibly knowledgeable, caring and helpful, which means a lot to me.”

Denise Bender,
Wellesley, Ontario