Detox Foot Bath Dual Coil Array


Newest Advanced Technology Development
New Dual Coil – All in One Array

Healthier Living 4 You is proud to announce our latest development with the Top Engineers in the World to assure the highest quality Ionic Foot Bath ( All-In-One HL4Y Dual Coil Array.)

  • The HL4Y Dual Coil Array is designed with the Purest 316 Stainless Steel Alloy   containing as much as 8% zinc- 14% nickel and less than 2% chromium to detox all major organs, cells and tissues of the body.
  • The dual coils release the maximum positive and negative ions to achieve the strongest Ionic Cleanse in 30 minutes
  • Dual Coil arrays last average 15 – 40 treatments assuring most powerful detox at a very low cost per treatment of $1.50 – $3.00
  • Long or short cord arrays
  • All-in-one means – no scary wires exposed  – no messy plates to change, easy to clean, esthetically appealing, modern design , recycle when array has depleted and just simply plug in new array.

* HL4Y Dual Coil Arrays are compatible with most Ionic Foot Baths *

*Note: Your array will last longer if you soak continually in ascorbic acid / water solution ( ½ – 1 teaspoon to liter of water)

CAUTION:   Don’t be Fooled by Cheap knock-off Arrays

  • Single coils that do not produce true positive and negative ions.
  • 316 contaminated stainless steel with lead and other toxic metals (Do you want to put toxins back in your body or your family or clients bodies from a contaminated array?)
  • Suppliers claiming over 40 – 120 sessions or lifetime arrays
  • If you are getting over 40 sessions common sense will tell us you are only getting a weak release of ions and not getting the maximum value out of each session.

Please do not compromise your health, your families health or your clients health by shopping on price alone.  You need to know that you are worthy of the BEST.

New Dual Coil Array

1. 1-5   = $60.00 each
2. 6 pack = $55.00 each  ( $330.00 for 6 pack)
3. 12 pack = $45.00 each ( $540.00 for 12pack)

To purchase go to our online store or give us a call 1-866-745-5743

With much care and support,

John Jacobs

President, CEO
Healthier Living 4 You

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