Caribbean Clear Replacement Electrodes

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These replacement electrodes are the main component to the whole system.  Water runs over these copper/silver electrodes and helps clean and kill bacteria.  Over time these electrodes need replacing.  It is important to check these electrodes periodically throughout the year.  They are super easy to change.  You can extend the life of these electrodes by keeping your pool pH in check, which is easily regulated with the Caribbean Clear and it’s test kit.

Caribbean-Clear-Replacement pH-Copper-Pool-Test-Kit
Caribbean Clear Replacement Electrodes


Caribbean Clear Copper pH Test Kit
Retail Price: $79.97
Your Price: $49.97
Savings: $50 (38%)

Copper is a well known algaecide and is commonly used to control algae in lakes and reservoirs. It is also the active ingredient in many swimming pool algaecides. A trace level of 0.2 ppm copper is typically needed to control algae commonly found in swimming pools.

Silver and many of its compounds have unique antimicrobial properties and are commonly used in modern medicine. A level of approximately 0.015 ppm silver is used to control bacteria.

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