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Alkaline Ionized Water Systems

“Healthier Living One Glass at a Time!”

There are so many ionized alkaline water machines in the market today. Some manufacturers make outrageous claims to lure health advocates into buying their pricey machines.

Truth is… all these machines have one thing in common: they, of course, are able to alkalize water. But the question is how well do these ionized alkaline water machines work? Read more below….

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7900 Countertop Water Alkalizer

The 7900 Ionized Alkaline Water System is perfect for any house hold with a touch of luxury & easily attaches to your faucet in minutes.  Click here for more info on the 7900 Ionized Alkalize Water System

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Water Alkalizer

8900 Undersink Water Alkalizer

The 8900 Ionized Alkaline Water System is an under counter model is great for anyone wanting to save space.
Click here for more info on the 8900 Ionized Alkalize Water System

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Ionized alkaline water machines are also
known as Ionic Water or Antioxidant Water

We consider pH level as the determining factor to know the alkalinity or the acidity of water, or basically of any other substances. Water with pH values lower than 7.0 is acidic and alkaline when above the said level.

Consequently, setting the pH values in water, from the lowest to the highest, through an alkaline ionized water machine, maximizes its full potential and widens the range of its uses. Such is true, when we drink alkaline water to help our organs and glands perform specific endocrine functions, and when we soak our clothes in acidic water to clean and disinfect them. Acidity, when not ingested in the body, isn’t just all bad news after all.

Acid water also has its uses and advantages in sanitation, disinfection and many more.
Maximizing the use of the tap water in our homes is the most delightful idea we can do. This can only be possible with an alkaline water machine such as the Alkaline Water Ionizer.

With the touch of a button, water can be made alkaline, neutral or acidic. Each level in the water’s pH is changeable and can be set at a level specific to a certain task.

Watch this interview with Dr. Robert Young speaking on Ionized Alkalized water and how you can lose weight drinking Alkaline water, but most importantly become more healthy.

Click here to review Alkaline Water vs Reverse Osmosis Water

Ionized Alkaline Water Machines’ Basic Functions

What does an alkaline water machine do to the water? To explain, here are some scientific descriptions of how the water is transformed into a healthier drink:

  1. Alkaline ionized water machines, ionize the water. The right alkaline drinking water is wetter with negatively charged ions. Ionizing the water can only be achieved through the process called electrolysis. In electrolysis, which occurs in the titanium plates of an alkaline water machine, positive ions gather at the negative electrodes to make reduced water, while negatively charged ions gather at the positive electrode to make oxidized water. Therefore, the reduced water is suitable for drinking and cooking. On the other hand, the oxidized water, which will be separated into another duct in the machine, is suitable for hand washing, cleaning food and kitchen utensils, or even for treating minor wounds because of its oxidation potential.
  2. Alkaline ionized water machines micro-cluster the molecules of water. Through electrolysis, reduced water not only receives the excess electrons, but also reduces the clusters of the H2O molecule, from a size of 10 to 13 molecules per cluster to a size of 5 to 6 molecules per cluster. Micro-clustered water is easily absorbed by the cells in the body due to high solubility and permeability.
  3. Alkaline ionized water machines adjust the pH in the water. The neutral pH is 7, which basically means the water has equal concentrations of H+ and OH- ions. When the water’s pH is below 7, it is considered acidic since it has a higher concentration of H+ ions. Oppositely, when water has a pH higher than 7, the water is said to be alkaline because it now contains a higher concentration of OH-. Thus, making the water saturated with negatively charged ions, through the alkaline water machine and increases the waters alkalinity or its pH of above 7.
  4. Alkaline Ionized water machines purify the water. When water is acidic, it contains more H+ ions and may react more with impurities in the water such as chlorine or fluorides present in tap water. When this happens, hydrochloric acid and other acids may form, which is putting your health at risk. With alkaline water that contains more negatively charged OH-, there will be lesser H+ ions that will combine with these impurities.
  5. Alkaline Ionized water machines make the most out of water. Active hydrogen ions are being measured when determining the pH value. Since pH is crucial in using water more appropriately, we have to know that on certain levels water can be helpful or dangerous. The acidity in water can make it corrosive and hazardous as much as the alkalinity in water can be beneficial and useful. But of course, acids are sterilizing agents that clean and disinfect when used externally. The ideal pH levels would be above 7 for drinking and below 7 for skin care and household cleaning. The water pH may only be well-adjusted using an alkaline water machine.

Personal Health Care & Benefits

The ideal pH balance for the human body is 7.3 to 7.4. This can only be attained if we follow an alkaline diet, which means eating alkaline foods and drinking alkaline water. When we have an alkaline consumption, the pH of our blood will become alkaline as well. Our bodily organs and endocrine systems function well at an alkaline level.

In Japan, many doctors prescribe treatment by alkaline water. Reportedly, the old-age population of Japan owes their 100+ years of life expectancy to their alkaline diet.

For detoxification, alkaline water is a potent cleansing agent. The intestines are easily cleansed when water is non-acidic since gastric, colonic juices and other metabolites are already acidic. The alkaline water or ionic water molecules will neutralize the acidity in the digestive tract and in the food being digested.

Alkaline water has micro-clustered molecules for better and faster absorption, making the body more hydrated and revitalized to do daily tasks. Aside from cleansing, ionic water becomes a power drink that gives instant energy. When the cells are energized, the body is stable and healthy. This also means that the nutrients being carried in the bloodstream are quickly absorbed since approximately 82% of the blood is made out of water.

As an antioxidant, alkaline water makes the body more resistant to extracellular damage and wards off free radicals. The healthy effects of the regular intake of alkaline ionic water will manifest in the skin. Skin renewal and repair for the aging skin is evident when the pH in the cells are alkaline-stable.

Oxidation is the wear and tear of things, similar to the process of ageing that is mainly caused by oxidation. Because alkaline water basically has negative or lower ORP, oxidation in the body is reduced resulting to less oxidized tissues.

The body stores waste acids in some parts of the body as a bi-product of the body’s energy consumption. When we have lots of lactic acid, our knees and joints will be heavily filled with it. Uric acid is also a culprit of kidney disease, which can only be produced when the body has high amounts of acid intake.

The reduction of fatty acids and lipids is a beneficial effect of higher alkalinity of the body. Waste production and excess fats are disposed as they are no longer useful when the right pH balance is attained. Alkaline water is the key to keeping a slim and fitter body!

20 things related to an acidic body…do you feel or experience anything below?  If so, you maybe too acidic

  1. Hypertension
  2. Indigestion
  3. Heartburn
  4. Diabetes
  5. Constipation
  6. Osteoporosis
  7. Diarrhea
  8. Cardiovascular diseases
  9. Stomach cramps
  10. Hyperacidity
  11. Loss of Appetite
  12. Chronic fatigue
  13. Nausea
  14. Common colds
  15. Migraines
  16. Obesity
  17. Muscle pains
  18. Kidney Stones
  19. Hangovers
  20. Lack of energy

Oxidative Reduction Potential (ORP)

Not only pH balance is crucial in the process of alkalization. The oxidative reduction potential of the water coming out from an alkaline water machine must be taken into account as well. But what is ORP and how does it affect our health?

Every living thing needs oxygen. Our body needs it too. Oxygen has the tendency to bond with any biological molecule, even with molecules of healthy cells. This only happens when oxygen becomes a free radical – an ion with an unpaired electron.

Because a free radical has an open shell configuration, the unpaired electrons have a high oxidation potential, which means they are capable of gaining electrons from other cells. This bonding mechanism when inside the body is greatly beneficial because of its potential to eliminate bacteria, viruses and other waste products.

Unfortunately, when there are excessive amounts of negatively charged oxygen present in our body, it becomes unstable and extremely reactive. Oxygen radicals attach themselves to normal, healthy cells and damage them genetically. This is apparently the oxidation of tissues, which is harmful to individual organs and endocrine systems. For this reason, scientist devised the term anti-oxidants for substances that oppose the oxidation process. Antioxidants are of course present in healthy food and in water with low oxidative reduction potential.

In simpler terms, Oxidative Reduction Potential (ORP), also called Redox Potential in other countries, is a measurement of the potential to oxidize contaminants. When the water has negative ORP, for example the ideal -250 to -350 mV, reduced water molecules readily gives up its extra electrons to oxygen radicals and prevents them from interacting with normal and healthy molecules of the cells in our body.

Alkaline water has a lower ORP and actually stops the excessive fermentation in the digestive tract by neutralizing hydrogen sulfide, ammonia, histamines and other harmful hydroxyls.

Our Alkaline Ionized Water Systems

Each one of our Alkalized water systems come with 3 Powerful water filters.  To help remove toxic Chlorine, Heavy Metals, Pesticides, Volatile Organic Compounds, Suspended Impurities, Sediment, Sand, Rust and much much more!


Water Alkalizer Pre-Filters

The HL4Y A+ Alkaline Water Ionizer contributes to household uses and personal health care, as clearly described by the respective pH level settings in this alkaline water machine. With the touch of a button, you will have the type of water you want!

The right pH level corresponds to a button set at:

  1. Alkaline Water Level 1 – Suitable for drinking. Advisable for beginners in drinking alkaline water to drink this level for 2-3 days. Offers the same benefits in level 3.
  2. Alkaline Water Level 2 – Gradually increase to this level for 3-4 days after level 1 for healthy drinking. Offers the same benefits in level 3.
  3. Alkaline Water Level 3 – Suitable for healthier drinking. Highest Anti0xidant potential. Water plants to keep healthy and increase growth. When fed to pets, improves animal health and lessens feces or urine odor. For colon cleansing warming the water may effectively help cleanse the colon.
  4. Alkaline Water Level 4 – Suitable for drinking and cooking. Enhances the flavor and taste of food. When used for coffee or tea, enriches taste, flavor and aroma.
  5. Clean Filtered Water Level – Suitable for drinking. Removes impurities, rust, chlorine, agricultural chemicals in the water. For it is pure water, best to drink when taking medications.
  6. Acid Water Level 1 – Not suitable for drinking. Cleans skin and hair. Suitable for washing fruits and vegetables. Removes clothes stains and dirt. Good for polishing glass in windows, mirrors or eyeglasses. Shines and softens pet’s coat.
  7. Acid Water Level 2 – Not suitable for drinking. Sanitizes and disinfects.


The HL4Y A+ Alkaline Water Ionizer has these interesting features:

•    7 modes (4 levels alkaline, pure neutral water, 2 levels acidic)
•    5 titanium plates
•    Power saving mode
•    Auto-alarm when filter needs to be replaced
•    Coconut shell fiber activated carbon filter to make great tasting water
•    Automatic and manual cleaning system
•    Over-current safety protection
•    pH limits of 3.5 to 11.0
•    3 water filter system included

The HL4Y A+ Alkaline Ionized Water systems are your right partner in alkaline water machine technology! Our goal is to improve your quality of life by offering you affordable, innovative health products that are:

•    Proven Effective
•    Professional quality
•    Simple enough to use at home

Our commitment is to offer you the most advanced education and innovative health products to help you live a long and healthy life!

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