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HyperBath Pro for Business

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HyperBath Pro – The Future of Wellness                

Advanced Ionic Technology to Rebalance and Recharge
your Cellular Energy



  • 1 Hyper Ionic Bath Recharging System
  • Transformer/Power Supply
  • Carrying Bag
  • Far Infrared Heat Belt
  • 1 Sea Salt
  • 1 Ascorbic Acid
  • 8 Arrays – 160+ Treatments
  • 4 Boxes of liners – 160 Treatments
  • Alka Pitcher 3 filters
  • 2 Year Warranty
  • Additional 3 year extended warranty
  • Operation/Instruction Manual
  • Amazing World-class Customer Service
  • Training Manual and Education
  •  HL4Y Training Certification Course
  • Listing As Practitioner on Our Website.
  • Accredited HL4Y Referral Partner
  • The Business Entrepreneur Blueprint Program


HyperBath Pro for Business


                    HyperBath Pro – The Future of Wellness

Advanced Ionic Technology to Rebalance and Recharge

Cellular Energy


Effective, efficient, and evidence-based, the HyperBath Pro is a proven system for holistic healing. Grow your clientele with this new modality that provides inner emotional release. As an industry leader in ionic cellular rebalancing foot baths, this proprietary machine is the world’s #1 choice for mind-body revitalization. Help your clients gain energy, reduce pain, sleep better, and rejuvenate their bodies by rebalancing their emotional energy!

The human body contains 36 trillion cells. Imagine an easy-to-use system that continually detoxifies those cells while rebalancing emotional well-being. The HyperBath Ionic Cellular Rebalancing System detoxes cells through ionization. Ions have a powerful charge that helps the body cleanse more effectively with no side effects. It’s natural, it’s safe, and it works!


HyperBath Pro for Small Businesses $2,999.00 ($6,935.00 Value)

After 20 years of testing and development…It’s finally ready! We have improved our design and technology to provide the best quality product on the market. The HyperBath Rebalancing System is a world leader in mind-body revitalization. You can feel confident that you are offering your clients a holistic healing experience using the best technology available.

A New Understanding of How the HyperBath Pro Supports Your Client’s Health and Well-Being

(The 3 Layers of Effectiveness)

New experiences have proven that the HyperBath Pro is more than a detox system. It is a relaxation stimulant that increases cell and molecule movement, releasing blockages to restore your client’s natural health and well-being. The HyperBath Pro System is designed as a stand-alone treatment or can be integrated with other therapies you undergo. Blended treatments offer diversification, increasing the care and support you receive in 3 powerful ways.

1. Release:

The HyperBath Pro removes toxic elements from the body, such as mold, yeast, pesticides, and other chemicals. The system stimulates energy throughout the body, making it easier for your clients to release bothersome thoughts and emotions. It supports and assists the body’s natural detoxification process, boosting the immune system and allowing your clients to experience the following:

  • Renewed strength
  • Energetic support
  • Cellular detoxification
  • Emotional stabilization

The HyperBath Pro Cellular rebalancing System helps your client’s cells and systems process toxins more effectively through repeated use.

2. Rebalance:

The HyperBath Pro stabilizes your client’s pH levels, making them more alkaline. An alkaline body is a healthy body. The more alkaline the body is, the less prone it becomes to contracting diseases. The balancing of these ions maintains the cell potential of the membrane. Using the HyperBath Pro consistently can help your clients to:

  • Rebuild cell strength
  • Improve cellular health
  • Rebalance cell functionality
  • Restore physical state
  • Dissolve unhealthy mind/body patterns

Using the HyperBath Pro regularly allows the body to adapt and accept new patterns of cellular functioning. This process restores your client’s health to a stronger, more balanced physical and emotional state.

3. Revitalize:

The HyperBath Pro can improve your client’s minds, energy, and overall wellness, providing them with a holistic healing experience. It enhances and revitalizes the human energy field. Our thoughts and emotions influence the body’s biofield and directly affect the ability of cell rejuvenation. When the biofield is depleted, we become strongly impacted by the people and events around us—this results in a state of constant overwhelm.

The HyperBath Pro creates microcurrents to relax our energy system, loosening trapped emotions within the body and freeing our chakras to flow. This process allows your clients to:

  • Restore vitality to the mind and body
  • Experience lighthearted joy
  • Embrace life again
  • Enjoy renewed clarity and purpose

Once the energy system is free from stored toxins—physical, mental, and emotional—your clients will experience more tranquility and peace of mind. This holistic approach to healing will drastically improve their quality of life.

Customer Reviews & Testimonials:

The HyperBath Pro System has been a solution to low energy levels, insomnia, fatigue, arthritis, joint and muscle pain, and many other problems. The foot detox bath is so relaxing and can be done in the comfort of your own home! See what others have to say!

When clients love the system so much they want to buy their own, refer them to the Hyperbath Pro for Personal Use packages


I am very happy with the results that the HL4Y Hyperbath has given me. As a Nurse, I am on my feet continuously. The bath removed not only the tiredness in my feet but also made them feel youthful—something I haven’t felt in years. The other benefits are outstanding as well, with toxin removal, a clear mind, sleeping better, and decreased sugar cravings…. I was looking for Quality Products, and I believe I found them in the Healthier Living 4 You products. Thanks.”

– Veloy Miner, Saskatoon, Saskatchewan

I purchased my Hyperbath about 4 years ago and am so thankful I did. I was having a number of health issues at that time and knew I was full of toxins as my previous job was working with a lot of chemicals. From my very first session, I was amazed at what came out and how I felt after each cleanse. I slowly noticed my energy coming back, my aching muscles disappeared and many of my other health issues went away over time as well. I know it was the regular detoxing and using the information Healthier Living 4 You provided me with how to alkaline my body. I also absolutely love my alkapitcher that came with my purchase and won’t drink any other water now! My whole family now detoxes regularly and drinks alkaline water. My husband, who didn’t want me to buy it, loves how much better he feels as well. Even our kids do and ask for the cleanse. As soon as something starts creeping up on one of them, they go straight for a detox, and almost every time, it stops the cold or flu right in its tracks. It really has been, I think, my best investment and John and Craig have been great in answering the many, many questions I asked and continue to ask. So, thanks for your support and for bringing such a great product to us.”

– Rebecca S. – Waterloo, Ontario

I purchased my first Hyperbath about 6 years ago & I am very happy with the quality, accuracy & effectiveness of HL4Y’s system, support & products. Myself, my family (kids included) & clients enjoy the results of the cleanse. Many of my clients find that the colors & changes that appear in the water are quite accurate to their body’s conditions, lifestyle, and/or habits. It’s quite common for my frequent clients to combine a detox series with a change in diet (more alkaline), change in lifestyle (increased exercise), as well as a change in habits (smoking, drinking, etc), resulting in a better quality of life. Craig and John are great to work with & sincerely care about our success & health. Thank you for your support.”

– Christine Unruh, Fort McMurray, Alberta

I have used the Hyperbath for over a year now and I am thrilled with the results. After having surgery due to cancer, I find my energy has increased dramatically by using the foot bath. I find my allergies are a lot better, my sleep has improved, I have healthier skin, and the list goes on. I also notice I do not get cold and sinus infections like I used to, or if I feel something coming on, I use the Hyperbath, and it clears right up. What I like about it the most is the way it’s designed, very easy to use and excellent results. Also, it is very affordable! I have tried other machines, however, I was never happy with them. Another benefit is that I can use my own well water straight from the tap. I would highly recommend the Hyperbath.”

– Linda Wilson, Kingston, Ontario

I purchased my Hyperbath in the spring of 2016 after being told by 3 Allopathic Doctors in September 2015 that I was dying from late-stage Breast Cancer when it spread into my Lymph glands. According to them, I was in my final days, and though it was a hard pill to swallow, I should get my affairs in order because there was nothing more traditional medicine could do for me. I wasn’t expected to live much more than a few weeks, months at the most. Well, needless to say…I told them straight up that they didn’t know what they were talking about and refused to listen to what they were saying, telling them, “We’re all dying, but I promise you I’m not going anywhere soon!” It’s been almost a year, and I am still here… After an extensive urine analysis early in the year showed I was heavy in copper, zinc, mercury, and lead, “ha ha ha ha, the ole “lead in the butt problem” akin to being brought up in a smelting town, according to the test results. I started doing more research about detoxing and was impressed with the reviews and information regarding Healthier Living 4 You. I already knew that my system had gone acidic… I was constantly exhausted, dehydrated, and facing major stress and pain daily from everything I was going through. I realized I had to make a quick change to detox my body and I purchased the Hyperbath and AlkaPitcher. The results were simply astounding! My first week’s foot baths looked like chocolate and rust sludge, but steadily, throughout the month, things started to change. As the baths cleared, my digestive orders eased, and rashes on my skin and pain in both the breast and lymph area seemed to start disappearing. I had lost 30 pounds due to the Cancer protocol I had been following and gained it all back, plus a few. The lumps in my lymph glands started to soften, my energy returned, and I grew stronger with each day that passed. With the pressure off, I was able to sleep, and with the sweet taste of the alkaline water from the AlkaPitcher, I found it easier to drink water on a regular basis and rehydrate and alkalize my body. This fall, I plan to add more meditation, exercise, and laughter and return to my creative outlets. I have no doubt that I will be walking into the Doctor’s offices this spring to let them know that they need to be careful of their bedside manner and the things they say to their patients. I’m 100% sold on the benefits of detoxing our bodies from all the toxins we’re accumulating on a daily basis. Thank you, John and Craig, for your commitment to helping people understand the need to discover their toxicity and deficiency levels so they can improve their health and chances of healing from whatever ails them. Thank you also for your continued patience, support, fantastic customer service, and up-to-date health information that you provide!”

– Patricia W. – Ontario

We first saw this machine at a fibromyalgia seminar. After the speech, I looked at the foot bath in which a lady had her feet, and the water in it looked like a cesspool. I said to myself I need to try this out!!! I have had fibro since 1986, caused by a car accident. Lots of pain and interior bleeding from meds from doctor Laura, who put on the seminar set me up with trying the foot bath. The stuff that came out of me was gross. She said I was full of candida. After a few sessions I decided to buy a foot bath Best thing I ever did. Thanks John & Craig!!!!! My movements are greatly improved, pain is greatly reduced, my mind is clear, lost weight. This machine really works! Gwen had a stye in her eye did a foot bath, and it was gone. She loves the infrared belt. We use it on our son & daughter when they come home to clean them out.
A 5-star rating is what we give the Hyperbath.”

Gwen & Glenn – Huntsville, Ontario


I purchased my Hyperbath approximately five years ago. I used to travel one and a half hours one way to have these detox treatments done, and I decided someone needed to have a system in my own town. It has been the best money I have ever spent on my and my family’s health. I have been to many professional persons in the natural treatment world to help me get healthy again. There has been nothing to date that has done so much for me as this foot detox. My tongue, which used to be black, is now pink, my migraine headaches have decreased by approx 90 %, my digestion has greatly improved, and I do not ache all the time anymore. It was as though my entire physical body was malfunctioning. The results from the very first detox bath I had were obvious, so I slowly started to think about purchasing one for myself. It has turned into a part-time job, and many of my friends and family can now have the privilege of having a foot detox at their convenience. I love my machine and don’t know what I would do without it.”

– Paula Froese – Morden, Manitoba

Disclaimer: The HyperBath Premium – Ionic Detox Foot Bath is not intended to treat, cure, prevent, or diagnose any disease or ailment. None of the information provided on this website is intended to act as a substitute for medical counseling.

When clients love the system so much they want to buy their own refer them to the Hyperbath Pro for Personal Use packages


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HyperBath Pro for Business
$ 2999.00

Availability: In stock

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