Spring is all about fresh produce filled with so many more nutrients.  Eating fresh vegetables should be top of mind for you and your family.  Whether you make your garden and grow your won fruits or vegetables or you go to your local farmers market, read this article to know the best healthful fruits and veggies.

Spring is in the air, bringing with it sunshine, warmer weather and rain showers, the perfect conditions for growing produce. This season we will begin to visit farmers markets, find fresher produce in the supermarket, or even put our green thumbs to use in our own garden. When deciding what produce to buy and cook with this spring, there are some that are more in season than others. Here is a guide to the ten freshest and most healthful fruits and vegetables this season.


This vegetable, which is most in season from March through June, is the perfect addition to any spring or summertime meal. Asparagus is also loaded with vitamins, including B6, calcium, magnesium and zinc. Asparagus is also touted for reducing the risk of type 2 diabetes, along with working to prevent kidney stones.


Also known as green onion, this vegetable is at its peak of freshness this season. Scallions are also known as an easy vegetable to grow, as it is almost completely impervious to attacks by pests, diseases and those lacking a green thumb. However, when gardening, be sure to take precautions such as bug sprays and magnetic traps to keep mosquitoes away. When cooking scallions can be used not only to add flavor to any dish but make your meal healthier. Scallions are a low-calorie vegetable with a high value of antioxidants.

Snow Peas

Spring is the perfect season to cook with snow peas, as they are most flavorful and in season this time of year. The health benefits of this seasonal snack shouldn’t be ignored either, as they are a good source of omega 3 as well as vitamin C, iron and magnesium.


This red bulbous veggie packs a punch not only due to its strong flavor but also with health benefits. Radishes have a cleansing property that helps eliminate toxins in the body, aiding in digestion and even helping to prevent certain cancers.

Swiss Chard

This green leafy vegetable is the perfect addition to any springtime meal or salad, adding both flavor and nutrition. This vegetable is most in season during the spring and will provide powerful nutrition benefits including high levels of vitamin K, A and C, along with iron and dietary fiber.


Artichokes are most in season during the spring, as their thistles are the largest this time of year. Once you get past its tough exterior, artichokes have tons of health benefits, including high levels of antioxidants, as well as folate and vitamins C and K.

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Strawberries top the list as a favorite spring and summertime snack. Whether you choose to make a smoothie, bake with them or just eat the berries raw, this fruit isn’t only delicious but nutritious as well. This fruit is full of fiber and flavanoids, which will help improve digestion and also lower the risk of heart disease.


These red and pink stalks are in their peak during the spring, making it the perfect to time to bake a pie (hello, strawberry rhubarb!). However you choose to prepare this vegetable you will be receiving antioxidants, potassium and magnesium, boosting your immune system this spring.


Arugula, which is known under many different aliases including salad rocket, colewort and roquette, thrives best in cooler springtime temperatures. This peppery-flavored leafy green ads zest to any salad, and also provides vital nutrients, including antioxidants. Arugula is also surprising known to be an aphrodisiac.


This bitter chicory vegetable is best when harvested in spring. Whether you choose to toss it in a salad, grill or sauté this vegetable, the bitter but sweet taste is the perfect springtime flavor. Best of all, this vegetable is lycopene, antioxidant and inulin rich, providing health benefits as well.

When shopping for produce this spring, choose fruits and vegetables that are in their peak during this season. By deciding to cook with and eat seasonal produce, not only will they be more flavorful but also more healthful. So visit your local farmers market this spring and pick up seasonal produce.

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