Do you know it is difficult to ionize hard water?

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Do you know it is difficult to ionize hard water?

Clean water is one’s basic need. The water should not only look clean but also be clean of harmful chemicals and other toxins. Potable water should be safe and clean. It should be properly filtered and alkalized. The water should not be acidic as it will be a major reason for diseases. Anything that has a pH range below 7 is as considered harmful while anything that is 7 or has a pH above 7 is considered alkaline.

However, before filtering it is very important to know the kind of water whether it is hard or soft and the ways it can actually be filtered. Today, the vast majority of masses have hard water in their homes and one’s needs to understand that it is difficult to filter hard water. Therefore, we begin with what actually is hard water.

alkaline water systemThe hardness of water is determined by the amounts of calcium and magnesium in it. Water with high amount is considered hard while the one with less water is considered soft. You need to know that the hardness of water is depended on the level of calcium carbonate in water (in milligrams per liter). It is said that hard water might actually increase the risk of kidney stones.

If the water that you are consuming is over 10.5 grains of hardness per gallon, then it is very important to purchase or use the right kind of alkaline water system. Anything over 10.5 is considered “very hard,” and if your water is over 12 grains then you may need to install a pre-filter, which will prepare the water for going through the ionizer. Remember if the hardness of your water is above 10.5 grains you need to contact the ionizer company and ask for the perfect water systems that will alkalize your water. However, if the water is over 17 grains of hardness, one would need two pre-filters in addition to a re-mineralizing pre-filter because scaling will be prevalent and then the extra minerals in there for the ionizer to do its magic and make your way to a healthier life easier.

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