What is Ionic Alkaline Water Detoxification?

We drink water because our body needs it to produce the energy we use in order to survive. At cellular level, water helps in the chemical reaction and distribution of vitamins and minerals. Water also regulates the temperature in our body, which is mainly affected by metabolism and external heat. Because of these reasons, we are advised to hydrate our bodies frequently.

Water is a universal solvent and aids the process of digestion. Unfortunately, the water we get from tap, bottled water and other sources are not ideal for our body. In answer to the problems of pollution and contamination, we have devised ways to purify it so we can drink clean water. However, cleanliness is not enough. What we really need is ionic alkaline water.

The modern diet is mainly composed of processed foods and convenience foods that are instant quick meals and commercially packed goods, which are often high in fatty acids, sugar and preservatives. These substances are consequently broken down into simpler forms during digestion and commonly the results are not advantageous. These foods form acidic compounds. They also become simpler forms such as sodium or as blood glucose, which are really harmful when too much of them are in the body. In general, they are toxic and detrimental to the natural processes of our glands.

Our glands are important as they produce hormones that control the production and utilization of the energy at cellular level. They are also responsible for the excretion of wastes from our body. But if toxins harm and sicken the glands and vital organs, the hormonal balance is affected. This weakens our immune system and causes complicated diseases such as cancer and diabetes.

Thus, one of the natural solutions health experts recommend is detoxification. Detoxification is a process that flushes out toxins and acids out of our system. But there are many types of detoxification. It could be done by following a special diet that boosts the immune system and regulates the excretion of digestive wastes to promote a healthier and balanced body. It could also be done through fasting or other medical procedures that cleans the colon. Or simpler, it could be done by drinking ionic alkaline water.

Ionic alkaline water detoxification is a very popular term in health forums and websites. Many argue about the potency and question the power of ionic alkaline water. Well, the truth lies solely on the fact that the water is in its alkaline state. Alkalinity, being the opposite of acidity, has many chemical advantages. We can see the real score by simply dissecting the event that takes place during digestion.

The stomach contains gastric juices that are acidic in nature. If our food intake is acidic, this will obviously cause the acidity to increase. Not only that, the ions of the ionic alkaline water will automatically neutralize the positively charged acidic compounds others refer to as toxins. The ions will pair with these acidic compounds to form into ionic non-harmful substances, which could be excreted out of the colon later on. Ionic alkaline water is also found to be efficient in cleaning the colon and the kidneys.

Japan is well-known for their unique advocacy in health and wellness. As detoxification becomes very popular in that country, millions are now turning into the consumption of ionic alkaline water as opposed to bottled water or tap. Since the 1950’s, many scientific research and documented testimonies support that an ionic alkaline water detoxification favorably alleviated the conditions of people with arthritis, heartburn, chronic fatigue, indigestion, leg cramps, high blood pressure, poor circulation, migraines, obesity, osteoporosis, psoriasis and stress.

Scientifically, ionic alkaline water has beneficial properties including an alkaline pH of 7.5 to 9. It also has a low ORP, an active hydrogen, hydroxyl ions and micro-clustered colloidal minerals. Plain and pure water is really not enough as it has no capability to attract essential trace minerals and to ward off positively charged free radicals.

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