Is extra calories your problem? Does it add up to your stress? Are you having a difficult time losing weight? What are the things you’re currently doing to lose those extra pounds?

Based on studies, after the age of 35, most people gain one to two pounds per year. It is about 100 calories per day if we are going to break it into a daily figure.

Well, there’s nothing for you to worry about.  The good news is that 100 calories per day can be easily managed in two ways. First one is by eating 100 fewer calories per day. The other is by exercising. Physical activity has so many other health benefits. It would be wise if everyone would add extra movement to their daily routine. Below are some physical activities and exercise which can easily help you burn 100 calories:

  • Take a 15 minute bike ride
  • Work in the garden for 20 minutes
  • Go shopping for 38 minutes
  • Do 100 jumping jack
  • Walk the dog for 25 minutes
  • Jump rope for 10 minutes

And if you want to not just maintain your weight, but also lose extra more calories, the combination of these two methods is recommended. Your body may experience a little adjustment period, but when you get used to the routine, eventually it will be easier for you.

Another great way to reduced calories is by detoxification. By detoxifying, you aren’t just helping your body remove the extra calories, but also assisting it to eliminate accumulated toxins in your system.


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