John & Bev JacobsThe Love Of My Life Was Slipping Away From Me And I Was Helpless To Stop It

Joint Pain, Insomnia, Chronic Fatigue and Depression Were Eating Away At My Wife’s Will To Live
In 2002, my wife Beverly had terrible joint pain, so she went to our family doctor who prescribed pills to relieve the pain. Unfortunately, while the pills temporarily relieved the pain, the symptoms never really went away. Bev started to become exhausted from lack of sleep, and eventually, she was always depressed. Joint pain, insomnia and chronic fatigue were eating away at her will to live. She fell into a deep depression.

Traditional Medicine Didn’t Work

As most people do when a loved one falls ill, Beverly and I started visiting other doctors, beginning with general practitioners and moving towards the specialists.  My wife Bev and I went from doctor to doctor, but the doctors just prescribed drugs that only temporarily relieved her symptoms and nothing cured her. We were desperate for a solution.

Alternative Medicine Didn’t Work

After repeated, failed attempts to get the help we needed with the regular channels, we decided to look at alternative solutions. Beverly tried every method available including pills, drinks, herbal cleanses, even Chelation Therapy, an intravenous drip, but, yet again, nothing worked.

We Were Desperate And Willing To Try Anything

Nobody had any answers. We had tried everything and we were still searching and researching everything related to any of Bev’s symptoms. We were desperate and willing to try anything.

Then We Stumbled Upon The “Miracle” That Saved My Wife’s Life

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