Foot Detoxification: Get Rid of Toxins With Foot Detox


Foot Detoxification: Get Rid of Toxins With Foot Detox

Foot Detoxification: Get Rid of Toxins With Foot Detox

If you are looking for the latest and hottest spa treatment around, then you must try foot detoxing. This spa claims to remove toxins from the body using your feet as the outlet and keep your organs healthy. Many health conscious individuals are acknowledging the importance of these gentle baths that are necessary for the polluted world.

These foot baths can be relaxing and you can take them while watching a movie or even in your hot detox bath. Earlier, the senior generation preferred foot bath and detox more than the younger ones, but with its growing popularity, it is becoming a lifestyle for many.






You must have heard of the complete detoxification of body via diet plans and other concepts. Foot detoxing is an entire different concept that offer healing benefits and is considered as an extension to other detox programs. To get rid of toxins from your body, we need to take a cue from ancient practice of bathing like natural hot springs, cold springs, and even mineral rich spring waters. These were prevalent in Rome, India, and China. The therapeutic benefits of these baths cannot be underestimated.

Whether you are a smoker or not, the daily intake of toxins can come from pollution and even harmful substances like synthetic detergents that we are mostly surrounded with. These free radicals deplete our body’s natural ability to drain the toxins and leave us feeling fatigues and ill.



Traditionally, Chinese are known for their herbal medicines and the ionic foot detoxes that are famous in the modern world are closely related to China for over 2,000 years. Acupuncture was invented back in the old Chinese times and foot detox powered by the ionic machine is also a form of acupuncture. The electrical simulation uses clear heat in the body to release the toxins, which was practiced for thousands of years in the Chinese culture.

Foot detox pads

If you want to remove toxins from the body naturally then you should learn more about foot detox pads. It is an effective way to cleanse the body naturally and lead a healthier life. These pads are typically created from bamboo extracts and tree, which you can easily purchase online. They are known to originate from Japanese culture and are simple to use.

Such detox pads are used before you go to sleep, to release toxins from your body overnight with a single use. Many reports have suggested the use of detox pads lead to a reduction in fatigue, joint pain, and even headaches.


When our body is exposed to innumerable toxins throughout the day, the substances get stored up in the organs. If you want to learn how to remove toxins from the body through feet, then you can simply use detox pads. when these detox pads are removed, generally in the morning after an overnight stay, the pads can get colored in various shades.

Different toxins release can create different colors when they react to the surface of the foot pad. The colors can indicate a lot more about a person’s health and what specific toxins were removed from the body. Here are some of the most common colors of the foot pad and what they mean:

  • Black/Brown

Black color usually represents toxins that are pulled from the liver. The liver is responsible for cleansing the blood and distributing nutrients in the body. The black color on the foot pad can indicate the existence of heavy metals inside the liver. The brown color usually means detoxification of liver from cellular debris and tobacco.

  • Dark Green/Orange

If a dark greenish color appears on the foot pad, it indicates detoxification from the gall bladder, which is an important organ for digestion of fats. The orange color may indicate toxin release from the joints and are most commonly found in patients of arthritis and rheumatism.

  • Red/Yellow

The red flecks on the foot pad can indicate toxin release from blood clot material, which may have caused serious illness if not removed. The yellow color can mean toxins pulled from a bladder, urinary tract, female reproductive organs, and even kidney.

  • White

If you notice cheese-like particles of white color in the foot pad, it may indicate a possible manifestation of yeast in the body. Your immune system is responsible for the growth of yeast and the detoxification color may indicate release of toxins from the lymphatic system.


Detox foot bath machine


Apart from foot pads, you can do foot detoxing using other methods like ionic detox foot baths. It is an electrical process that produces negative and positive ions in the warm salt water and allows the foot to release toxins at a rapid speed.  

The whole idea behind ionic foot baths is the scientific process of electrolysis. The energy produced during this method warms up the pores of the feet and allows salt to act as anti-inflammatory substance, to start the detoxification process. To get rid of the toxins, you have to soak your feet in this ionic charged water and soon the water will start to get colored with different shades. Once the water is added to the foot bath, the watercolor will change and usually range from mud-brown to black.

These baths usually last for 45 minutes and can be done every other day. Besides releasing toxins from the body, it is also a relaxing and soothing process that will supply your body with more oxygen.


Even though there are many spas and salons that offer foot detox at their stores, it is better to learn the method for your home use. This way you can indulge in this relaxing spa every other day, without burning a hole in your pocket.

Mix half cup of Epsom salt into the water to soak the feet. Let the water cool down and later mix two tablespoons of bentonite clay along with one tablespoon of apple cider vinegar. Add more water to dilute the mixture, if needed. Apply this to your feet and let the mixture dry for at least 10 minutes. Check the temperature of the water and soak your feet inside the bucket for another 15 minutes.

While your feet bathe in the warm water, the toxins will be released from the body and will give you a healthier and brighter life.


foot detoxAs this recent fad is sweeping the country, many are not able to place their trust in this treatment. You may not recognize the names, but they are all around you. Whether you visit a spa or simply go for a detoxification treatment, foot detox is always on the menu.

Ionic foot detox is loosely related to Royal Raymond Rife, an American inventor who considered bioelectric medicine to be effective and helpful. Just like a glass can be destroyed with the high pitch of soprano, he believed toxins can be removed from the body using ionic mixtures.

According to a recent study, the effects and benefits of foot detox were well documented, which we will discuss further.

The studies included a group of individuals undergoing the foot detox to get their results monitored. Every individual underwent urine PH test, to determine their PH levels before and after the treatment. The foot detoxes tend to make your body alkaline, which helps in the removal of toxins.

The foods that are put into your body are either acidic or alkaline, and more alkaline foods means better diet plans. They also remove the free radicals that causes illness like cancer and other diseases.

The real effect of foot detox was to be determined from the urine PH value after the treatment.

Majority of the individuals found their PH values slightly more alkaline than before the foot detox. This clearly indicates that their body became more alkaline and the detoxification process worked. It was even astonishing to find that the detoxification process was still undergoing inside the body for more than 48 hours, as the alkaline PH values didn’t go down during that time.


The answer is yes! According to recent studies on the subject and experiences of people, it was known to be beneficial to a majority of people. People suffering from diseases like a skin condition, fungal/yeast infection, and even cancer were witnesses of major changes.

Even if your feet have open sores of infection, a foot detox can simply eliminate any infection causing germs and help in the healing process of the wound. The process is gentle and safe and affects almost every part of your body, by stimulating the blood flow to every organ.


Foot Detoxification



If you want to remove toxins from the body naturally, foot detox is one of the best ways to achieve the desired result. There is a whole new dimension of detoxification besides taking supplements and going on a detox diet plan. If you are unfamiliar with detox foot baths or looking for an interesting way to detoxify your entire system, then try the ionic charges to remove the toxins.

Every foot has an approximate of 2000 pores on its surface. The ionic water charges the foot and opens these pores to help release the toxins. It is painless and in only 30 minutes, your body will become healthier and you will feel more energized. If you are looking for more benefits of foot detox, read further.


  • Strengthen Immune System

The foot detox will remove toxins from your immune system and will make it healthier and stronger. You will feel less sick and can go through most seasons without getting ill.

  • Better Recovery Time

If you have undergone a surgery or an injury recently, the foot detox can help you recover faster and better.

  • Reduce Arthritis

By releasing toxins from joints and around bones, you can experience relief in joint pain and stiffness.

  • Better Sleep Cycle

Your sleep cycle will improve drastically, as the toxins released will allow your body to intake more oxygen, which means better sleep.

  • Releases Heavy Metals

The toxins that are accumulated from bad habits like smoking and drinking are the hardest to remove. Foot detox can effectively release toxins from the body that are heavily charged and harmful.

  • Removed Blood Clots

The clots that can lead to life-threatening illness like heart diseases are also resolved and removed with foot detox.

  • Improve Organ Functions

After the release of toxins, your body organs will function better and more effectively, to promote your overall health.

Regardless of the color of the water or foot pads, you will experience these benefits with foot detox.

A recommended session range is over 6 sessions over a 3-5 week period to get maximum detoxification results. Depending upon your personal conditions, lifestyle, and current health conditions, the benefits of foot detox may vary.

Foot detox is a new and effective way to remove toxins from your body. If you are looking forward to a healthy lifestyle, undergo these sessions and help your body heal and release the toxins.

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