Healthier Living 4 You Experts

Healthier Living 4 You Experts

John Jacobs

President, CEO of Healthier Living 4 You

John Jacobs is the founder and CEO of Healthier Living 4 You (HL4Y). It was in 2004 when John’s life was turned upside down, Beverly his wife was slipping away from him…..and he was helpless to stop it. She was in terrible pain, exhausted from lack of sleep and falling deeper into depression as she struggled to fight her way back to health. Chronic fatigue, joint pain, and insomnia caused by a buildup of toxins and heavy metals in her body were eating away at her will to live. After a long journey, Beverly recovered and Healthier Living 4 You was born!
John has helped tens of thousands of people change their lives by creating a healthy lifestyle while detoxing and alkalizing their body. The Jacobs family business has grown substantially and has now become a place known to many to educate themselves and to purchase quality alternative health products!
John knows how important it is to give his customers great service and great products! He is a visionary and can see trends before they happen. An avid learner, looking to improve the health of the masses! “Everything we eat, drink, breathe and do is connected with our planet’s health. Our goal is to educate and inspire you to make our world healthier, and protect ourselves, our families and future generations.”
John is co-author with Dr. Wayne Dyer and 40 other professionals in the best-selling series Wake Up…Live The Life You Love the book “WAKE UP MOMENTS”. “The desperate struggles to get Beverly’s health back was one moment that I knew there was another way, and I took it. After that moment, life was never the same.” John is currently writing a book “Your Toxic Truth” It May not be your Fault…But it is Your Responsibility!

Drs. Kim D’Eramo and Mario Torres-Leon

Author, Medical Doctors, World leaders in Evolving Conventional Medicine

Drs. Kim D’Eramo and Mario Torres-Leon, are world leaders in evolving conventional medicine, and are the co-hosts of top 10 podcast: “The Thrive Doctors.”
Kimberly D’Eramo, D.O. is an author and board certified physician in Emergency Medicine. She practices osteopathic manipulative medicine in the Boston area. She attended University of New England College of Osteopathic Medicine and completed an undergraduate fellowship in Osteopathy and Anatomy in 2002. She then completed residency training at Emory University in Atlanta.
Mario Torres-Leon, MD is a board certified Interventional Radiologist practicing in the Boston area. He grew up in Puerto Rico and attended the University of Puerto Rico School of Medicine. He then completed his residency at Yale University, and his subspecialty training at Harvard University.
Dr. Kim and Dr. Mario have assisted hundreds of thousands of patients to reverse fatigue, pain and disease. They have a mission to evolve the current medical model to one that appreciates the self-healing mechanism within the body and supports everyone in activating their body to live in health, passion, prosperity and success. Visit them at to receive your complimentary video training now!

Cheryl Hiebert

Wellness Coach & Personal Growth Expert, Teacher, Author

Cheryl Hiebert is a Wellness Coach and Personal Growth Expert who cares deeply about the progress and healing of her clients and students. Her passion and enthusiasm for what she terms “her bliss” is exemplified in a wide array of personal sessions, workshops and retreats. With a mind body spirit / holistic approach, she feels strongly that those who come to her build a repertoire of skills to heal, move forward and feel truly on path in their lives. Her ultimate goal is to inspire a wellness movement. As a speaker and author she shares her wisdom and teachings to a broader audience through her books; writing for several publications and an expert for several wellness panels, blogs and websites.
She lives her life with passion and purpose, and by example, leads others to do the same.
To receive a daily dose of her inspiring wellness tips, join her Sacred Journeys Healing Arts Centre Facebook page. Sign up for her weekly ezine through the website listed below.

Craig Jacobs

Webmaster, Technical Support

Craig Jacobs a dedicated individual to learning and a perfectionist continually refines the quality of Healthier Living 4 You products. Assuring the website is up to par and our promoters/affiliates have the tools they need to continue to promote our products. Craig also heads our online training course and one on one coaching for businesses that promote our products. Picture is with Craig and his wife, Deanna.

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