Drink Up and Enjoy the Benefits of Water

Drink Up and Enjoy the Benefits of Water

Drink Up and Enjoy the Benefits of Water

About 60% of human bodies are made up of water with every organ depending on water to function. The earth’s surface is also covered by 71% of water. Its importance for your body and the environment cannot be overlooked. Water hydrates, keeping bodily functions active, and skins nourished. It also cleanses the environment and promotes physical and spiritual well-being. Without water, humans are not going to survive and inadequate intake will decrease physical & mental performance as well as diminish spiritual health.

Why You Need Water to Function

There is no universal prescription as to how much you should drink in a day to hydrate your bodies. To stay healthy, you must maintain a good water balance by replacing lost fluids with water according to Dr. Packer. The American health authorities recommend the 8×8 rule, meaning drinking 8-oz glasses 8 times in a day or the equivalent of 2 liters or half a gallon. The UK government encourages drinking 6-8 glasses of water or about 1.2 liters a day which is less than what the Americans advocate. Nonetheless, the bottom line is to drink enough water in a day. Why?

Side Effects of Inadequate Water Intake

Without water, you will feel thirsty and your mouth becomes dry. You will be dehydrated leading to other ill effects in the long-term. Water lubricates the joints and if it is lacking, you will suffer from joint pain (Popkin et al). Liquids in the body also assists in the production of saliva and mucus assisting in digestion and keeping your nose and mouth moist preventing friction and wounds. More importantly, water is an excellent carrier. It delivers oxygen throughout the body through blood plasma which is 90% water. Plus, it helps in flushing waste, maintains blood pressure and blocks kidney damage.

Beyond Bodily Functions

In addition to the physical benefits, water also offers spiritual advantages. The presence of water indoors or outdoors whether in the form of fountains, pools or ponds has a spiritual benefit. The sound of water is soothing and takes away the stress helping you feel more comfortable and at peace enhancing your spiritual wellbeing. The restorative effects of water have been studied by Dr. White and the research suggests that people in ‘natural or created scenes with water’ are in a better mood than those without.

Feng Shui and Negative Ions

In Feng Shui, fountains increase energy and prosperity while in religion, water is a symbol of protection, healing and purification. Moving water also produces negative ions reducing pollutants floating in the environment improving personal comfort and moods according to Perez et al. In short, it improves the physical and spiritual wellbeing of people.

Water is an important part in ensuring that the body parts and organs function well. It has also a positive benefit on the wellbeing as it helps people to relax and energize. Water in the environment not only removes bad vibes, but also improves the purity of air in the atmosphere.

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