Do we really receive guidance each day? And if so, how?

Have you ever stopped to consider how you make choices and decisions in your life; on a daily and long-term basis? Have you? I have you thinking about it now though, don’t I?   The way we make decisions is primarily through our intuition, or we might even call it gut instinct.

This guides our decisions all day. Do you realize how many choices and decisions you make every moment of your day? From the time you decide to get up in the morning you are making minor and major ones. Here are a few examples:

Upon waking, you decide on the time; do I hit snooze, do I exercise or continue sleeping? Do I eat before I leave for work, or do I grab something on the way – or do I even bother? Do I make a nutritious lunch or have I already done that the night before? Do I stop long enough to take a few minutes to set an intention for my day, or do I allow others to dictate my mood and agenda?

At work: do I attend to emails, phone calls, the piles of work in front of me, or do I go for coffee instead? Do I make plans with that person for dinner or not? Do I even like them enough to do so? Am I making decisions based on what I need and what feels good, on what contributes to my overall wellness and pleasure in life – or am I doing things so I look good in the eyes of others, so that I get it over with, to make everyone else happy, or am I taking care of everyone else’s needs and ignoring my own?

Do you know what you need, want and desire in your life; and what truly makes your heart sing? Do you know how to know if you are in alignment with your Divine purpose or your soul’s longing?

Intuition helps us along our path in life. It might be the little voice you hear that reminds you to take your umbrella in the morning even though the sun is shining brightly. Intuition is the feeling that urges you to turn right instead of left at a stop light. You might get a feeling about something and don’t follow it, only to find out later that you were right all along.

Often when we meet someone we get a feeling –I call it my spidey senses tingling. Something does not feel right and maybe a few months later you find out why you were right on the mark. It might be a knowing inside of you that you follow without question.

I began to wonder about my purpose in my 20’s, which is when the biggest part of my spiritual journey began. It changed my life to such an extent that now part of my work is to help others understand their own intuition, and to assist in helping them discover their life’s path. I learned that we do indeed have the inner resources to make good decisions for ourselves.

Many of you may feel that it is difficult figuring out what is next for you. You may feel a strong desire for change. Only you know best what is right for you. We all just really want things to move smoothly, with no bumps in the road. But life is not always that easy and the bumps along the way can teach us valuable lessons.

Sometimes we make a decision that we feel is like a wrong turn, and we may find out it is actually a better route. On a day trip with a friend, we were looking for a wonderful spot along the lake to swim. We drove along the country roads and couldn’t find the usual road to take, and found ourselves in unfamiliar territory.

We finally saw the sign for a campground, decided to turn in and saw with delight that it had a little beach. We paid $2.00 and went to a glorious uncrowded beach. I had mentioned to my friend as we were driving around lost: you know, there just might be a reason we can’t find the other place again. And voila – we found a little piece of paradise.

Here are 2 approaches that I use to make choices and decisions:

  1. I ask myself this: which decision takes me further along my path, which decision takes me further away from it?  
  2. Imagine both scenarios: in as much detail as you can. Take yourself through each one in turn and tune in to how your body responds. Do you sense a feeling of lightness, excitement and joy? Or do you feel your stomach begin to churn or get tight?

When you decide which way feels right for you, then you simply take one step at a time. Making a list and clearly visualizing your future can be powerful ways to make it real and manifest in your life.  Listening to ourselves allows us to take these next steps in our life… maybe baby steps, which is just fine… as long as they are in the direction of our heart’s longing.

Dreams, desires, longings aren’t just casual feelings, but are our heart’s compass guiding us in our lives. Each and every decision affects the success of our day, our wellness and our happiness.

Trust in your own divine inner guidance. It will always be faithful, always be true, and always guide you along your true path. The more you connect with yourself the more you are able to access the knowledge that you hold in your heart. It is not just in some of us; it is in each one of us.

If you want to learn more about all of the ways in which you receive guidance and all of the signs to look out for – I teach workshops on this that will show you how to know how you DO receive messages and guidance. There are many ways in which we receive guidance ALL the time in our lives. You will learn ways to recognize these signs. It is life changing to know how we can trust our instincts and to know which signs along the way are the right ones!

As always I am here to support you in this life journey of ours and love your feedback.

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