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Why Your Colon Needs to be Healthy

Your colon is like the waste management station of your body. Major organs’ detoxification and all of your cells and tissues in your body needs assistance from a well-functioning colon so they can do their part in cleansing your body. Your colon receives the waste products which are left over from digestion of the food

burn 100 calories

Get Rid of 100 Extra Calories Per Day

Is extra calories your problem? Does it add up to your stress? Are you having a difficult time losing weight? What are the things you’re currently doing to lose those extra pounds? Based on studies, after the age of 35, most people gain one to two pounds per year. It is about 100 calories per day

Alkaline Water: Be Healthy & Fit before Christmas

Are you drinking alkaline water? Are you overweight? Or, do you want to fit into that red dress for Christmas? You may be asking yourself “What’s the connection between alkaline water and being overweight?” Well, by drinking alkaline water you can lose 10-15 pounds. Other people can lose up to 60 pounds just by drinking

Detoxify Or Die – Do You Agree Or Disagree?

Detoxify Or Die – Do You Agree Or Disagree? Detoxify or Die!  That’s what Sherry Rogers named one of her top selling books.  The title might be strong, but she has hit the nail right on the head with that title back in 2002.  People are still needing to be educated that detoxification needs to

Alkaline Water: Powerful Antioxidant

Alkaline water is considered a powerful and natural antioxidant which can flush and neutralize toxins inside the body.  Using alkaline water for meal preparation and drinking it is a great way to balance the pH and a healthy lifestyle. It helps to enhance the nutritional value of food and the flavor. Drinks like tea and

You Need To Detox! Learn Why Your Body Needs Your Help

You Need To Detox! Learn Why Your Body Needs Your Help We are bombarded with toxic compounds every day.  From the air we breathe, food we eat and water we drink – all of them, in some way or another, have some level of toxic contamination. That’s one unavoidable nature of an industrialized environment. Almost

Sugar Detox: Start a Healthier Lifestyle

Have you tried a sugar detox? First, let’s just clarify the fact that not all sugar is bad for you. But, adding too much of it in your diet definitely isn’t necessary and can impact your health. Actually, sugar naturally occurs in many foods, from breast milk to fruits. That’s why, there is no need

Body Detox: Colon Cleansing

Have you tried colon cleansing? Body detox isn’t that hard if you have the willingness to do it to help your body. Two powerful components that will help you detoxify are getting plenty of exercise and having a healthy diet. But nowadays, due to too much exposure to toxins, we need to be more serious

Liver Detox – 5 Simple Ways

You might have read a lot of articles about liver detox yet find them a bit complicated. Well, in this article, you will realize how easy it is to cleanse your liver to maintain its healthy condition and be able to perform all of its functions. Your liver actually performs over 400 functions in your

Summer Detox – 5 Best Foods to Detox and Lose Weight

How’s your summer detox? Is it getting any better than you’ve planned? We hope it is! When things are in season, they are great – just like food! They taste better when it is their season. Below are five summer foods which really taste great and beneficial for your health and waistline trimdown. Cherries They

Who Needs Detoxification?

Everyone roughly needs detoxification. We need to cleanse ourselves and rest at times. Cleansing or detoxification is an essential part of our body’s trilogy of nutritional action – the other two are toning and maintenance. If you only practice a proper diet and regular exercise, the need for detoxification will be lessened. But, since the

Detox: Are you Ready for a New Start?

Have you planned your summer detox already? It’s time to think about rejuvenation and energy because it’s summertime! Two of the challenges that we have in the modern world today are to keep and stay in good physical shape. Our body has its natural capability to get rid of harmful substances through our organs which

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