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Alkaline Water Filter System – Client Reviews And Testimonials

My husband and I absolutely love our Model 7900 Counter-Top Alkaline Water System! Why? My skin was very dehydrated even though I was drinking copious amounts of fluids every day. Dehydrated Skin means mini pot-holes and lots of wrinkles on my face and neck and even my arms. It meant that I had to wear scarves around my neck to hide those wrinkles. Now, no more scarves for me! I am getting compliments on my face, and people are asking me how old I really am!
Next, I noticed very quickly that the plaque on my teeth has diminished! Well, as I don’t have dental coverage, this means big savings for me. So guess what? I started using this water for my 4 darling cats! One of them had tons of plaque and I have previously had to take them to the vet for annual teeth cleaning sessions – expensive as the vet puts the cats under sedation. Within a couple of weeks the alkaline water has softened the plaque and I was able to use my finger nail to release it from the teeth. More big time savings as most vets now charge $400 or more for a dental appointment per cat!
That’s not all! – one of my cats was urinating very frequently in the litter box – within one week of being on the alkaline water, his trips to the box were less frequent and he was able to eliminate more at one time instead of taking several trips. I am guessing that it started to soften the crystals that may have been forming in the bladder/kidney/urinary tract. Also, after a week the cats didn’t seem to need as much water, which, in my opinion, means their cells are now being hydrated properly.
We have well water which although is free from chlorine, has taste problems. This alkaline water is sweet to drink, and enhances the taste of our vegetable cooking.
I share the water with my friends and business clients now so they can enjoy the benefits, and many are buying either the Nano Cup which is handy for those who travel, or looking to buy one of the other models.
What a gem of a product these Alkaline Water Systems are!!!
- Valerie Thornburg
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