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Health Products That Help Regain Or Maintain Your Health That Work!

Want more energy, less aches, less pain, and more sleep? Healthier Living 4 You gives you the advice and the health products you need to succeed!You’re here because you are probably wanting to feel better or know someone who is wanting to feel better. When you have the right guidance, the right products, the right food, the right water you can feel “Good” again.There are four things you need to do to maintain or regain your health
  • Detox your body on a regular basis
  • Drink lots of alkaline water
  • Eat 80% Alkaline Foods and 20% acidic foods
  • Exercise easily and daily
We are experts in helping YOU implement these 4 steps into YOUR life. We are in the health business because of a personal experience and can relate to anyone that is having health concerns and anyone that is just wanting to prevent any health concerns.Want to learn a little more about us and hear how Healthier Living 4 You was started, please visit OUR STORY to get a better understanding of why we are so passionate about health and helping YOU with YOUR health!We have helped thousands of happy customers that we have either helped with their health. Or helped their business get started using our product and information to help so many more people out there!We congratulate you on your commitment to your personal health and thank you for choosing us to help you meet your wellness goals. We look forward to introducing you to new and innovative products to naturally cleanse, heal, alkalize and detoxify yourself, for a healthy body, mind and soul! John Jacobs. Healthier Living 4 You Call us toll Free: 1-866-745-5743 P.S. Please keep in contact with us through Facebook and Twitter. So, you can learn more about us and so we can learn more about you!

John Jacobs

President, CEO of Healthier Living 4 You

John has been an entrepreneur for his whole life, owning numerous successful companies. Originally a car mechanic from a small town, Kingwood. John understands how important it is to give his customers great service and great products! John is a visionary and can see trends before they happen and often too far ahead of it’s time. A continued learner looking to pass on his knowledge of becoming success in business and improving the health of the masses! Picture is of John and his wife, Bev.519-656-3369 ext. 401
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