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Nothing Worked Until…

Nobody had any answers. We had tried everything and we were still searching and researching everything related to any of Bev’s symptoms. We were desperate and willing to try anything. Then one day we stumbled upon something called an Ion Detox Foot Bath Treatment. They called it a complete body cleanse that they said pulls toxins from your body using “ionization”.  Skeptical, but with nothing to lose, Bev started the treatments.

Then Every Thing Changed, Almost Overnight

Almost immediately Bev started to experience a boost of energy, less joint pain and muscle soreness. Within days she was having deep, restful sleeps. Within a few weeks she had better memory recall and a steady improvement of all her symptoms. It was like a miracle!  Because of this breakthrough, Bev is now alive, healthy, pain-free and full of energy!

On A Mission To Make it Affordable For Everyone

We were so relieved that we had finally found a cure, that we decided to make it our mission in life to help others. The first obstacle was the price. At $65.00 per treatment and a 2-hour drive, 3 times a week, we spent $8,000.00 and still needed continued treatments, so in 2003 we invested $4,000.00 into a footbath, which brought the treatment costs down to only $3.00 per treatment and no travel expenses.

In an effort to fulfill our mission, we started as the Canadian distributor for the company that we bought the footbath from, but we soon realized that even at only $4,000.00, not everyone could afford that, so we decided to manufacture our own…

The First Thing That We Did Was To Understand How It Works

I am an auto mechanic by trade and so am inclined to learn the mechanics of how things work.  How was it possible that this remarkable, all-natural treatment, worked almost immediately?  What we found out was that this strange little unit was designed to draw out toxins from Bev’s body through the process of osmosis and rebuild her immune system.

When you place your feet in the warm water and simply turn on the machine, you will notice a warming and tingling sensation.  That is the positive and negative Ions entering the soles of your feet, where all your nerve endings are. This instantly increases the hydrogen peroxide level in your body to kill any viruses or bacteria and raises the oxygen level throughout your body to achieve optimum circulation and healthy cells.

As the Ion detox begins, you will not initially feel anything dramatic, but, rest assured, the toxins will begin drawing themselves out of your body through the more than 2000 sweat glands of your feet.  The water will turn different colors in front of your eyes.  The color of the water will show you the type of toxins in the body that are beginning to emerge. 

  • Yellow-green = detoxifying from the kidney, bladder, urinary, prostate area
  • Orange = detoxifying from joints and muscles
  • Brown = detoxifying from liver, tobacco, cellular debris
  • Black = detoxifying from liver
  • Dark green = detoxifying from gallbladder
  • White foam = mucous from lymph
  • White cheese like particles = most likely yeast
  • Black flecks = heavy metals (I experienced lots of this from being auto mechanic for over 30 years) I was exposed to lots of heavy metal toxins.
  • Red flecks = blood clot material
  • Teal = Old medication

If you were experiencing pain before the therapy, you will start to feel the pain subsiding and a pleasant relaxing feeling surrounding your sore spots. The best way to go through a treatment is fully relaxed,  even nodding off as the machine does it’s job although you will be  very interested in visually seeing the different types of toxins being released from your body.

During Our Research We Discovered How To Improve It

We read anything that we could find anywhere on ion detoxification. During our research, we discovered that Far Infrared Heat provides a gentle, radiant heat therapy to stimulate circulation and improve your metabolism. We also found that Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulation (T.E.N.S) activates the release of endorphins, our bodies’ natural healers, to suppress pain naturally.

We Combined All 3 Powerful Therapies Into One Unit To Speed Recovery

We learned that if we combined all 3 therapies at once we would  speed things up and so we created a special 3 in 1 FIT System foot bath that combines all 3 therapies into one “Super Therapy” unit with…

 (1)  Far Infrared Heat provides a gentle, radiant heat therapy to stimulate circulation and improve your metabolism.

(2)  Ion Detoxification Accelerates the removal of toxins from the body through the process of osmosis

(3) Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulation (T.E.N.S) activates the release of endorphins (our bodies’ natural healers.) to suppress pain naturally.

So in 2006, I got out of the auto business and started working full time on “Healthier Living 4 You” with my son Craig, and we designed, developed and started manufacturing the first 3 in1 FIT Detox System in Wellesley, Ontario, Canada.

Here Are The Results of Our Efforts, as Told By Our Customers…

Director of Canadian Breast Cancer Network Says, “It Was The Answer To My Prayers.

“It all started back in 2006, when I was originally diagnosed with breast cancer. I had the usual treatment for my type of cancer diagnosis – two surgeries, six treatments of intensive chemotherapy, six weeks of radiation, eighteen treatments of a different kind of chemo for being Her-2 POSITIVE followed by five years of hormone pills for prevention of any recurrence.
Result of those treatments, got me extremely tired and fatigue to a point of choosing if I could followed my job in which I love dearly. totally devastated a friend introduced me to ion detoxification, I didn’t have nothing to lose, the longest I could stand Up was 4 hours and then back to bed. After my eight treatments of ion detoxification, a light of energy and well being stuck me like lightning. It was the answers to my prayers. Not only do I work full time, run a household, take care of my little girl, I also do overtime. My skin complexion is much better, no more pain in my joints area due to my chemo. I sincerely thank whoever invented this machine. I give sessions to many people on cancer and I always promote the 3 IN 1 FIT SYSTEM. As a registered nurse and director of New-Brunswick for Canadian Breast Cancer Network across Canada, I highly recommend this machine to anyone for prevention of disease or cleaning up the toxins in our body.”

- Suzanne L, New-Brunswick

Greatly Reduces Pain and Numbness in Type 2 Diabetes

In 1994, I was diagnosed with Type 2 diabetes. Over the years, numbness and pain settled into my lower legs. After the second 3 in 1 FIT System session, the pain and numbness was greatly reduced, especially in my knees.”

- Jean MacKinnon, Ontario

Improves Reasoning and Logic in Children with Autism By Removing Heavy Metals

“My daughter, who was 6 years old, was diagnosed with autism at 18 months. We had discovered her body had high levels of heavy metals and she could not process them. After three 3 in 1 FIT System sessions we started to see an improvement in her focus. After a few more sessions we began to see marked improvement in her reasoning and logic. She is now 7, and in a regular class and doing great at school and continues regular sessions. I feel that the 3 in 1 FIT System, combined with a good nutrition program played a key role in her improvement.”

- Grant Mcarthur, Ontario

Clearer Complexion and More Energy

“Since starting 3 in 1 FIT System sessions I feel lighter, my complexion is clearer, puffiness in my face is gone. I am happier all round and I have more energy! My family comments on how much better of a mom and wife I am, as I am in a better mood.”

- Dawn Stewart, Prince Edward Island

Improves Eyesight By 50%

After 6 months of using the 3 in 1 FIT System, my vision has improved by 50% from my prior Eye Exam.

- Ann S. Griffin, Ontario

Helps Numbness and Chronic fatigue

“Following a major surgery and many x-rays, I struggled for 2 years with cloudy thinking, low iron and vitamin B12 levels, numbness and chronic fatigue. Traditional medicine failed to help me feel get better. I started 3 in 1 FIT System sessions and after just 5 3 in 1 FIT System sessions am happy to report that I am finally feeling “back to normal”. Recent blood tests have confirmed iron and B12 levels are up. It feels awesome to have energy again!”

- Donna Campbell, Ontario

Reduces Arthritic pain and Relieves Sinus Problem

“Since using the Ionization process it has greatly reduced my arthritic pain and certainly has helped relieve my sinus problems! I know it is also helping to remove the toxins out of my body as I feel completely rejuvenated after I do a cleanse. Thank you Healthier Living 4 You!”

- Betty Lewicki, Manitoba

Valuable Therapeutic Tool That Decreases Glucose Levels

“With over 200 diabetic patients and 800 3 in 1 FIT System sessions, the 3 in 1 FIT System has proven to be a valuable therapeutic tool in decreasing overall glucose levels.”

- Roberto DeFilippis B.App.SC.,D.Ch. Chiropodist/Foot Specialist, Vellore Village Medical Center, Woodbridge, Ontario

My Whole Family is In This Business To Make A Difference And Change Lives…

There are enough challenges in life to face without fighting a body suffering from toxic overload.  The 3 in 1 FIT system gives you a lifetime of cleansing, repairing and supporting your body and your health.

Our Concept… We work the cause Not just the symptom

 How Can We Help You?

Do you or one of your loved ones suffer from any of the following…

  • Arthritis
  • Autism
  • Lack of Focus
  • Improved Complexion
  • Facial Puffiness
  • Exhaustion
  • Mood Swings
  • Back Pain
  • Fibromyalgia
  • Gout
  • Insomnia
  • Chronic Fatigue
  • Numbness
  • Low Energy Levels
  • Diabetes
  • Swollen Joints Obesity

Did you ever think having too many chemicals and poisons in your body could be causing these common health problems?

 For as low as $47/month, you can greatly improve your life.


Try the 3 in 1 FIT System risk-free today.

30-day money back guarantee

Here is Our Personal Guarantee

When a product works as well as the 3 in 1 FIT system… and when you have folks thanking you for saving their health and their lives, it’s easy to offer the strongest guarantee possible. That’s precisely what Beverly and I do here at Healthier Living 4 You. So here it is… You must see and feel improved energy levels, experience a significant improvement from your health problems – whether it’s muscle and joint pain, fatigue, digestive distresses, restless or poor sleep, obesity, to name a few… and radiate with a glow of healthier looking skin. Otherwise, just return your unit within 30 days and we will promptly refund your money.  When was the last time your doctor offered that kind of a guarantee?

 Call John today at 1-866-745-5743 and change your life forever! Or order below online at discounted pricing!


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Chek Mark3in1 FIT Premier Detox System, (Far Infrared Heat Belt, Ion Detox, T.E.N.S.)$3497
Chek MarkInstructional DVD$19.95
Chek MarkUser Manual$9.95
Chek MarkFar Infrared Heat Belt – Value$34.97
Chek MarkComplete TENS Package – Total Value$51.91
Chek MarkTENS pads, 2 wire package$24.97
Chek Mark2 wire, 2 pads, and 5 straps$10.03
Chek Mark2 pairs of TENS Sticky pads$9.94
Chek Mark2 oz Bottle of Conductive Gel$6.97
Chek Mark6 Years Warranty *NEW*$799


Business Certificate Coaching & Training Program$497.00
(2) Group Open Q & A calls$297.00
(1) 30 minute One on One Coaching call with me$297.00
Listed on our “Locate a Practitioner” directory on our website$99.97
The HL4Y Profit System Marketing Action Guide$497.00
The HL4Y Marketing Starter Pack$197.00

You will also receive

Chek Mark6 arrays$360
Chek Mark2 boxes liners$29.94
Chek MarkSea Salt$4.97
Chek MarkAccel Cleaner (1L) with Sprayer$12.97
Chek MarkAscorbic Acid$30.00
Chek MarkCarrying Bag$29.97
Chek MarkLifetime customer supportPriceless
Chek Mark(2) Alkamates$199.94


Chek Mark(1) AlkaPitcher$59.99
Chek Mark(2) heavy metals test$79
Chek Mark(2) Herbal healthy cleanses$149.97

The TOTAL VALUE of this package is over $8,300.00


1 Payment for $2397
3 Payment for $899

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