DKN Vibration Testimonials and Reviews

These are just some of the Amazing experiences our clients are receiving!

Feeling stronger and more energized!
Jim and I have only had the machine for six weeks and we took a few weeks to investigate the machine; in fact, we went to the office three times to try the machine before we finally “bit the dust” and purchased it. Now we both feel that our bodies are stronger by using it regularly.
Jim does the ‘Whole Body Workout’ daily. I work on the legs, arms, shoulders, and lay on the platform on my back at least once a day, and sometimes two and three times. I was having pain in my lower back so I sit on the platform to exercise my lower back and I am now pain free and more flexible.
When we say our muscles are stronger, we mean all the muscles throughout the whole body – legs, arms, wrists, shoulders, neck, stomach. As well, the extra strength improves the bodily functions so that you feel great all over! Yes, and when we sleep we sleep deeper so that when we wake up refreshed and filled with energy to carry out the daily routines. The truth is that you simply feel good all over.
I have been walking with a cane but feel my legs are getting stronger so that I hope to be walking on my own in the near future.

We simply feel that the machine has been able to give us a stronger quality of life.

Jim and Ruth Stephenson
ON, Canada

My joint pain disappeared in 2 weeks after using the DKN – vibration exercise machine
Elke Anton
Kitchener, ON

“My client, Jennifer is 49 years old and 3 years ago was diagnosed with osteopenia in her lower spine and hips.
Jennifer has always been active, she teaches yoga and has a healthy diet. After her diagnosis she started to lift weights but found it quite difficult. Even walking with ankle weights was uncomfortable.  However, she persevered in an attempt to rebuild her bone density. Her 2nd bone density confirmed that the lower spine had in fact deteriorated and that Jennifer now had osteoporosis.
In September of 2008 she started working out on the DKN machine. She could only afford the time to come in once a week for a 10 to 15 minute work out. In July 2009 she had her 3rd bone density and, thankfully, her lower spine has now started to regenerate. The bone density was 2.6 and has now improved to 2.1. Jennifer’s hips have improved so much that they are now classed as normal!
Jennifer loves coming in to work out. She feels that her entire mind and body has significantly benefited from the vibrational therapy. Jennifer has also noticed that her body can now tolerate the weight lifting better.”
Gillian Jakubowski
ON, Canada

I think the best results I’ve encountered are on me!

“In March 2007 I asked my doctor for a bone density test since my mom and 2 sisters both have osteoporosis. The doctor was reluctant to give it to me since she considered that I was not at risk. However, the results indicated that i had osteopenia in my lower spine and neck. After another bone density test in March 2008 I was told that my spine had deteriorated to osteoporosis. I was disappointed with the results since I had implemented changes to my lifestyle mostly with my diet and exercise program. Fortunately I had a doctor who agreed to support me trying to deal with the osteoporosis naturally and gave me another year to improve my bone density. If it didn’t work, I agreed to consider going on the medication.

After doing lots of research, in August 2008 I purchased my DKN exercise machine. In my opinion the DKN machine was the best value for money and was backed by many years of scientific research. I have always worked out at the “Y” and I didn’t want to give up my classes, so I decided to use my DKN machine only 2 or 3 times a week.

I had another bone density test this March and the results were phenominal! My lower spine went from 2.61  to 1. If the result is below 1 it is classed as normal. My bone regenerated back to almost normal in less than 7 months. I am absolutely thrilled and now share my machine with a friend in the hope that she will also be able to rebuild her spine.
Thanks Healthy Living 4 You!!”
Gillian Jakubowski
ON, Canada

A friend of mine improved 95% with her fibromyalgia after using a few months .  Calls it her little miracle machine.
Elke Anton,
Kitchener, ON