Our bodies are exposed to toxins stemming from a variety of sources every day, our water, processed foods, medications, even the air we breathe. While we go about our daily routines using our tech toys and premade lunches, we are often too preoccupied to look up from our desk to realize we are slowly poisoning ourselves… Toxins are in our food, our water and the air we are breathing.

Our electronics and our growing wireless networks shed EMFs that effect every system in our body. We are too absorbed with how to pay the rent, stuck on the edge of our seat with the newest political theatre or whatever crisis is unfolding this week on twitter.

Our immune systems are being overloaded, chronic illness nothing but on the rise, the system that cares for us is not accessible to everyone and often without proper experience the average medical person is unaware of the potential underlying causes of many of these conditions. So many people are just sick and tired of feeling sick and tired.

Toxicity and ways to cleanse the body is a BIG topic and we have options to help give your body a fighting chance. An acidic body is ideal environment for cancers and other illness to thrive.

At Healthier Living for You we have been promoting healthy living for over 30 years! Start moving and feeling better, have more energy and sleep better. Our HyperBath detox for home or business offers 2 treatments in one, Far Infrared Heat Belt which helps to increases blood circulation as well as Ion Detoxification – Safe, easy and complete body detoxification.

If you have been looking for a way to easily detox your body and get it alkaline, contact us to find out more and ask about our limited time offers!

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