Ionic Foot Detox Bath Customer Reviews & Testimonials

“I am very happy with the results that the HL4Y 3in1 FIT Detox foot bath has given me. As a Nurse I am on my feet continuously. The bath removed not only the tiredness in my feet but they felt youthful. Something I haven’t felt in years. The other benefits are outstanding as well with toxin removal, clear mind, sleeping better, decreased sugar cravings…. I was looking for a Quality Products and I believe I found it in the Healthier Living 4 You products. Thanks.”
Veloy Miner
Saskatoon, Saskatchewan

I purchased my 3 in 1 FIT Detox System about 4 years ago and am so thankful I did. I was having a number of health issues at that time and knew I was full toxins as my previous job was working with a lot of chemicals. From my very first session I was amazed at what came out and how I felt after each cleanse. I slowly noticed my energy coming back, my aching muscles disappear and many of my other health issus went away over time as well. I know it was the regular detoxing and using the information Healthier Living 4 You provided me with how to alkaline my body. I also absolutely love my alkapitcher that came with my purchase and won’t drink any other water now! My whole family now detoxes regularly and drink alkaline water. My husband who didn’t want me to buy it loves how much better he feels as well. Even our kids do and ask for the cleanse. As soon as something starts creeping up on one of them, they go straight for a detox and almost every time it stops the cold or flu right in its tracks. It really has been I think my best invesment and John and Craig have been great in answering my many many questions I asked and continue to ask. So, thanks for your support and for bringing such a great product to us.
Rebecca S.
Waterloo, Ontario

I purchased my first 3-in-1 Detox Foot Bath about 6 years ago & I am very happy with the quality, accuracy & effectiveness of HL4Y’s system, support & products. Myself, my family (kids included) & clients enjoy the results of the cleanse. Many of my clients find that the colors & changes that appear in the water are quite accurate to their body’s conditions, lifestyle and/or habits. It’s quite common for my frequent clients to combine a detox series with a change in diet (more alkaline), change in lifestyle (increased exercise) as well as a change in habits (smoking, drinking, etc) resulting in a better quality of life. Craig and John are great to work with & sincerely care about our success & health, thank you for your support.
Christine Unruh
Fort McMurray, Alberta

I have used the 3 in 1 Detox Foot Bath for over a year now and I am thrilled with the results. After having surgery due to cancer, I find my energy has increased dramatically by using the foot bath. I find my allergies are a lot better, sleep improved, healthier skin and the list goes on. I also notice I do not get cold and sinus infections like I used to or if I feel something coming on I use the 3 in 1 Detox Foot Bath and it clears right up. What I like about it the most is the way it’s designed, very easy to use and excellent results. Also, very affordable! I have tried other machines, however, I was never happy with them. Another benefit is that I can use my own well water straight from the tap. I would highly recommend the 3 in 1 Detox Foot Bath.
Linda Wilson
Kingston, Ontario

Patricia W – September 1, 2016:

I purchased my 3 in 1 Fit Detox System in the spring of 2016 after being told by 3 Allopathic Doctors September 2015 that I was dying from late stage Breast Cancer when it spread into my Lymph glands. According to them I was in my final days and though it was a hard pill to swallow I should get my affairs in order because there was nothing more traditional medicine could do for me. I wasn’t expected to live much more than a few weeks, months at the most. Well needless to say…I told them straight up that they didn’t know what they were talking about and refused to listen to what they were saying telling them “we’re all dying but I promise you I’m not going anywhere soon!” It’s been almost a year and I am still here… After an extensive urine analysis early in the year showed I was heavy in copper, zinc, mercury and lead, “ha ha hhaa the ole “lead in the butt problem” akin to being brought up in a smelt town according to the test results. I started doing more research about detoxing and was impressed with the reviews and information regarding Healthier Living 4 You. I already knew that my system had gone acidic… I was constantly exhausted, dehydrated and facing major stress and pain daily from everything I was going through. I realized I had to make a quick change to detox my body and purchased the 3 in 1 Fit Detox System and AlkaPitcher. The results were simply astounding! My first weeks foot baths looked like chocolate and rust sludge but steadily throughout the month things started to change. As the baths cleared, my digestive orders eased and rashes on my skin and pain in both the breast and lymph area seemed to start disappearing. I had lost 30 pounds due to the Cancer protocol I had been following and gained it all back, plus a few. The lumps in my lymph glands started to soften, my energy returned and I grew stronger with each day that passed. With the pressure off I was able to sleep and with the sweet tasted of the alkaline water from the AlkaPitcher I found it easier to drink water on a regular basis and rehydrate and alkalize my body. This fall I plan to add more meditation, exercise, laughter and return to my creative outlets. I have no doubt that I will be walking into the Doctors office this spring to let them know that they need to be careful of their bedside manner and the things they say to their patients. I’m 100% sold on the benefits of detoxing our bodies from all the toxins we’re accumulating on a daily basis. Thank you John and Craig for your commitment to helping people understand the need to discover their toxicity and deficiency levels so they can improve their health and chances of healing from whatever ails them. Thank you also for your continued patience, support , fantastic customer service and up to date health information that you provide!
Patricia W./strong>

We first saw this machine at a fibromyalgia seminar. After the speech I looked at the foot bath in which a lady had her feet and the water in it looked like a cess pool. I said to myself I need to try this out!!!
I have had fibro since 1986 caused by car accident Lots of pain and interior bleeding from meds from doctor Laura who put on the seminar , set me up with trying the foot bath. Stuff that came out of me was gross She said I was full of candida. After a few sessions I decided to buy a foot bath Best thing I ever did thanks John & Craig!!!!!
my movements are greatly improved, pain is greatly reduced, my mind is clear, lost wieght This machine realy works!
Gwen had a stye in her eye did a foot bath and it was gone. She loves the infared belt.
We use it on our son & daughter when they come home, to clean them out
5 star rating is what we give the 3 in 1 detox foot bath.
Gwen & Glenn
Glenn Jones
Huntsville, Ontario

“I purchased my 3 in 1 fit system approximately five years ago. I use to travel one and a half hours one way to have these detox treatments done, and decided someone needed to have a system in my own town. It has been the best money I have ever spent on my and my families health. I had been to many proffessional persons in the natural treatment world to help me get healthy again. There has been nothing to date that has done so much for me as this foot detox. My tongue which used to be black is now pink, my migraine headaches have decreased by approx 90 %, my digestion is greatly improved and I do not ache all the time anymore. It was as though my entire physical body was malfunctioning. The results from the very first detox bath I had were obvious, so I slowly started to think about purchasing one for myself. It has turned into a part time job and many of my friends and family can now have the priviledge of having a foot detox at their convenience. I love my machine and don’t know what I would do without it.”
Paula Froese
Morden, Manitoba      

“My husband has worked in the auto body business for the last 15 years. The last 3 years, he’s suffered from insomnia. He tried medications, which left him falling asleep, but not staying asleep. Many mornings he was near tears from being so completely exhausted. I bought the 3 in 1 FIT System, and after 4 sessions he was sleeping through the night, 7-8 hours straight. One morning he awoke and before even getting out of bed, said to me, “I can’t thank you enough…I thought I’d have to live like that for the rest of my life.”
Lisa Wedewer, Saskatchewan (Likes it so much that she became a distributor!)

“My daughter, who was 6 years old, was diagnosed with autism at 18 months. We had discovered her body had high levels of heavy metals and she could not process them. After three 3 in 1 FIT System sessions we started to see an improvement in her focus. After a few more sessions we began to see marked improvement in her reasoning and logic. She is now 7, and in a regular class and doing great at school and continues regular sessions. I feel that the 3 in 1 FIT System, combined with a good nutrition program played a key role in her improvement.”
Grant Mcarthur, Ontario

“Hi my name is Paula, I have helped many many people with the 3 in 1 system myself included. One story that comes to mind was a young man,in his early twenties who was scheduled for exploratory surgery on his lymph glands. They were huge, when he put is head back I would say they were at least quarter sized and it was many of them not just a few in his throat area. He came to see me on a friday evening and I proceeded to do his footbath. His surgery was scheduled for tuesday morning and by sunday evening the swollen lymph glands were gone…gone…completely gone! Obviously I don’t need to tell you that the surgery was cancelled and to the best of my knowledge he has never had a repeat of this. Having said that I do know the family and his health is still good. Thanks for the time you have spent reading this…this machine is the best product I have ever had the good fortune of using.”
Paula Froese
Morden,  Manitoba

Like many people, finding a detox treatment nearby was difficult and costly, I took the leap and purchased my own and have enjoyed the detoxing for years. My naturopath believes that the regular detoxifying is what saved me from much more serious problems, than I was exhibiting. I am looking to order the alka mate this week to further enhance my lifestyle changes. Thanks Healthier Living 4 You for making it easy to get supplies and refills!
Carrie Clark-Weatherup, Ontario

I have been using the Ion Cleanse machine for some time now. I got severely poisoned by my mercury dental fillings. My Dentist put a full metal crown over a mercury amalgam dental filling and it caused galvanism and a huge amount of mercury and debris was deposited in my nervous system. I took cilantro to help remove the mercury and debris from my brain and nervous system and I redistributed this mess all over my head and the connective tissues. I had no idea how I was going to get it out, then I heard about this machine. I am 70% better and without the Ion Cleanse machine I would have not had any hope. My story is too long to put here but I will say I have been  to H and back and was very very sick. I never give up and I hope to fully recover with more detox. I do hour treatments everyday for two weeks and then I take 2 weeks off. I am very thankful for this method of detox and the hope to fully recover. John and Craig are great if I need any info or help. I feel this is the best method for detox out there today if you want to get well from toxins.

Marlene MacFarlane
Fredericton N.B.

“My husband had a foot and hand fungus that he picked up in the Philippines about 12 years back. Every doctor he saw about it gave him another product which only made it worst if anything. After a few treatments with the 3 in 1 FIT System it’s gone, even though he places only his feet in the bath. His facial skin, which was sort of grey and very dry even when I first met him, is pink, soft and healthy. In fact, his body skin is even healthier.”
Kathryn O’Shannahan-Hyland, Ontario

The flat warts which I have had on my hands for over 35 years have completely gone after using the 3 in 1 FIT System.
Ann S Griffin, Ontario

“My first experience with the 3 in i Detox System was during a visit to Toronto and when I saw the toxic junk that came out in the water, I immediately booked a second session (I was on vacation at the time) and returned home to purchase a machine. I knew I needed to get the toxins out of my body and get well. All those years of pollution, and taking in second hand smoke had taken a toll on me and combined with my Chronic Fatigue, it was time to take action. I gladly paid out the money for the machine and have never looked back. I have arthritis in my knees, neck and hands. When I start to stiffen up, out comes the machine and like magic, my hands are flexible again and I can hold a pencil to write. It is nothing short of amazing and I recommend that everyone experience this level of help.”
Joyce Jackart
Upper Port La Tour, Nova Scotia

I Can Fly Again!
“I have been a standing joke to my family, as I would set off airport security.  A nice lady at an airport in Florida saw my predicament and told me about a process that worked for her and explained that she had been carrying extra metals in her system and she suspected I had that problem too.  I started doing some research and to my surprise discovered the Ion Detox process was offered in my home town of Moncton NB. I met with the lovely Leonie Griffin who was offering the service and started the process. To my surprise, my next flight I was waved right through security and have not had one issue since.”

Thank you Leonie for the help and it is a pleasure to work with you.
Linda M
Moncton NB

My Knees Feel Great!
I’ve been in construction my whole life. As I age the aches & pains have become more intense with each project that I complete.  I had a roofing job coming up and I was desperate to find something to prevent the pain that is often associated with this type of work. Cynthia helped to develop a program for me that included regular sessions with the 3 in 1 FIT System and Global Vision detoxifying moor mud baths. I spent a week on a roof with no pain! Thanks to this program I feel that I have many more years of work left in me.
Thank You!
Elmira Ontario

“In 1994, I was diagnosed with Type 2 diabetes. Over the years, numbness and pain settled into my lower legs. After the second 3 in 1 FIT System session, the pain and numbness was greatly reduced, especially in my knees.”
Jean MacKinnon, Ontario

“John & Craig, really great videos at Thanks for those. I have always been an “ANYTHING BUT PRESCRIPTIONS” kind of guy, and have put your 3-in-1 Detox Foot Bath to the challenge. A full 12 sessions under my belt, and the VISIBLE evidence of the toxins being drawn out of my body was an eye-opener. Not to mention the mental aspect. When you literally SEE the years of toxins being pulled from your system, it really creates an overwhelming sense of well-being. This has been an amazing side effect to the visual proof after each of my 30 minute sessions. Sleeping better, feeling lighter/cleaner, skin and hair softer, etc. I searched around for practitioners that offered detox foot baths in my area over the past few years. The only 2 that I found were 40+ miles away. Individual sessions ranged from $45-$65 per, when purchased in bulk. It was a no-brainer to buy my own personal unit after I saw these session costs; plus their foot baths looked antiquated, with only ionic detox offered. Unlike your 3-in-1 unit. As an example, your T.E.N.S. component… I had excruciating bursitis in my left ankle for over a month. Even the slightest movement was agonizing, and the pain in the morning upon awakening for the first time, when putting weight on it, was knee-buckling. One T.E.N.S. session last week, and my ankle is 95% better. I honestly forgot that I had that option with your product. No water, no infrared belt… I just plugged the unit in, strapped on the T.E.N.S. pads and sat at my desk. Now, barely a hint of the former pain. It’s really the ONLY thing that I can attribute my relief to… no pain killers. I look forward to my next round of Detox sessions… one every other day, piece of cake. I had brown, frothy water, with hints of black flecks (heavy metals) in each of my first 12. I am really excited about your technology and would urge anyone not “feeling themselves” to give it a go.”
Matt McGee

“I have serious back, neck, shoulder and knee injuries. After 3 years, doctors told me that was as well as I was going to get. The swelling was still there in full force 2 years later, still very painful and still impeding adjustment. As you and I know, swelling is simply old, rotting interstitial fluid filled with acids and other toxins trapped at the site of injury. No wonder I was sick most of the time and a little under the weather the rest of the time. This wonderful little 3 in 1 FIT System has removed that nasty swelling and my chiropractor is now successful in adjusting my shoulder, neck, back and knee.”
Kathryn O’Shannahan-Hyland, Ontario

After 6 months of using the 3 in 1 FIT System, my vision has improved by 50% from my prior Eye Exam.
Ann S. Griffin, Ontario

“Since starting 3 in 1 FIT System sessions I feel lighter, my complexion is clearer, puffiness in my face is gone. I am happier all round and I have more energy! My family comments on how much better of a mom and wife I am, as I am in a better mood.”
Dawn Stewart, Prince Edward Island

“First, I want to Thank-you for the opportunity to try a 3 in 1 FIT System. I arrived today with excruciating pain in my lower back. I am completely amazed after one session, how it has relieved my pain. Thank-you so much! I definitely feel this is something that would benefit and compliment my continued healthy lifestyle.”
Ellie Muhroe, Ontario

“I have arthritis in both my knees and found it difficult to get upstairs without pulling myself up the handrail. After 1 3 in 1 FIT System session, I can go up the stairs freely.”
Patricia, Ontario

“This is written on behalf of one of my clients who has been taking the sessions regularly for several months now. She has IBS and suffers many symptoms but found that from the first session with 3 In 1 Detox System the transformation in how she feels is nothing short of amazing. It reduces her pain, it takes the bloating away, and she feels like a new person every time. She said that she thinks enough of her body to want to spend the money weekly, or as required to help herself, her condition and to feel better. She even wrote up a testimonial on my facebook wall to encourage people to step up and take action to be healthy and not wait until some severe condition like cancer is diagnosed, and then think about doing something, her words were “Do It Now-You owe it to yourself”.”
Joyce Jackart
Upper Port La Tour,  Nova Scotia

“Following a major surgery and many x-rays, I struggled for 2 years with cloudy thinking, low iron and vitamin B12 levels, numbness and chronic fatigue. Traditional medicine failed to help me feel get better. I started 3 in 1 FIT System sessions and after just 5 3 in 1 FIT System sessions am happy to report that I am finally feeling “back to normal”. Recent blood tests have confirmed iron and B12 levels are up. It feels awesome to have energy again!”
Donna Campbell, Ontario

“My eyelids and ankles were swollen and after two 3 in 1 FIT System sessions, it went down completely”
Lily, Alberta

“My first experience with Ion foot cleanse was astounding. I suffered from diabetic neuropathy in my feet burning all the time. Although I didn’t know what the cleanse would do for me I wanted to try it. After the cleanse I was driving home and couldn’t quite figure out what had changed but over all I felt better. Then it hit me my feet were not burning at all. The next week I waited everyday wondering if the burning would come back but it never did. That was over 8 years ago and I’m so thankful.”
Carmen Rahner

Shortly after using the Infrared Belt from the 3 in 1 FIT System, I get great relief from the pain and swelling on my left side of my body caused by my” Pinched Nerves “. This is a great for me!
Ann S. Griffin, Ontario

“I have a client who has gout and he is in his 60’s and has had a couple of 3 in 1 FIT System sessions. He said he felt so much better; he has more energy than he has had in years. He even went on his roof and did some repairs.”
Debbie Betts, Prince Edward Island

One of my older clients had a chronic cough and his feet were turning black and very poor circulation so he booked 5 sessions and after the second session his cough was gone and his feet no longer pain and the color is back to normal in his feet.
Warren Cunningham, ON

This phone message to me, her practitioner, left me bemused. I had been helping her with a number of health issues and included an ion detox in our treatment plan but not once had she ever mentioned ankle pain. When I asked, she said “Oh, I’m so used to it hurting that I never thought to tell you. But after one ion cleanse, the pain is totally gone! That was 5 years ago and the ankle pain has never returned! She has referred many family and friends over those 5 years.

On Saturday, April 3 my grandson fell and skinned both knees badly.  Large scabs formed and one was quite infected.  On Sunday, April 11 I gave him an ION cleanse (foot bath).  After about 10 minutes into the program the water was disgusting but what blew me away was that the pus and fluids from the infected scabbed knee began to leak out from around the scab.  I could not believe what I was seeing.  Two days later I gave him another foot bath and noticed a huge improvement in the injured knees.  I knew the ION cleanse really worked but this was something I never expected.
Rieta Harper
Uxbridge, ON

“It all started back in 2006, when I was originally diagnosed with breast cancer. I had the usual treatment for my type of cancer diagnosis- two surgery, six treatment of intensive chemotherapy, six week of radiation, eighteen treatment of a different kind of chemo for being Her-2 POSITIVE followed by five years of hormone pills for prevention of any recurrence.
Result of those treatment, got me extremely tired and fatigue to a point of choosing if I could followed my job in which I love dearly. TOTALY DEVASTATED a friend introduce me to ION DETOXIFICATION, I didn’t have nothing to lose, the longest I could stand Up was 4 hours and then back to bed.
After my eight treatments of ION DETOXIFICATION, a light of energy and well being stuck me like lightning.  IT WAS THE ANSWERS TO MY PRAYERS.
Not only do I work full time, run a household, take care of my little girl, I also do overtime. My skin complexion is much better, no more pain in my joints area due to my chemo. I sincerely thank whoever invented this machine. I give session to many people on cancer and I ALWAYS PROMOTE the 3 IN 1 FIT SYSTEM.

Toxins Be Gone
Two years ago I went to Toronto on vacation and my nieces asked me if I had ever had an Ion Cleanse or Ion Detoxification.   Of course, I said no and didn’t know anything about it.   Well, we booked an appt. and went the next day.   My first treatment was amazing, as I had my 20 minute session, the actual shape of my lungs were formed in pure black on either side of the electrode in the foot bath.   I sat in total amazement that so much toxic material could be drawn on my first visit.   I rebooked for two days later and the same thing.   I was sold.   Came home and purchased a machine and set up a small business and have never looked back.   It is the perfect easy way to restore health and vitality to the body.   Thanks to Ion Cleanse Machine.
Joyce Jackart, Upper Port La Tour, NS

Since using the Ionization process it has greatly reduced my arthritic pain and certainly has helped relieve my sinus problems!  I know it is also helping to remove the toxins out of my body as I feel completely rejuvenated after I do a cleanse.  Thank you Healthier Living 4 You!
Betty Lewicki
Winnipeg, Manitoba

“I purchased a 3-in-1 Detox Foot bath in January, primarily for my father, who had been diagnosed with terminal cancer. I knew it was unlikely that any cure was possible, but some comfort measures were evident when he did the detox and T.E.N.S., plus the infrared heat treatments. He felt more relaxed, some relief of pain, and some temporary improvement of symptoms that he had been experiencing. Since he is gone, my family and I have enjoyed occasional detox foot baths, and I have currently loaned it to a dear friend who has a serious health diagnosis. It’s hard to say what is for sure making a difference sometimes, but I do feel there is a benefit to detoxing. When I get my foot bath back, I want to continue to do occasional detoxing and look forward to seeing what kind of difference I will notice. I also can’t say enough about the encouragement and support from John and his family at HL4Y. I find them to be incredibly knowledgeable, caring and helpful, which means a lot to me.”
Denise Bender,
Wellesley, Ontario


“After suffering crippling injuries for 4 years, the best my doctors could offer was pills and a wheelchair. Neither option appealed to me so I opted to suffer in pain. That wasn’t a great option but better than frying my brain and liver with pills. Still, I missed my mobility and it was heartbreaking to see my kids with less than half a mother. I had to try something and fortunately my many experiments included the 3 in 1 fit system. WOW!!! I was aiming only to stop the pain but actually healed my “permanent” injuries, dropped the 170 lbs I had packed on while immobile and lost countless effects of aging that I had always assumed were normal. (weakened eyesight, middle aged back pain, calcium deposits in the bags under my eyes, the bags themselves, baggy skin…even my bunions shrunk up and vanished in time. Thanks to you and the 3 in 1 fit system, I’m back to my usual energetic 130 lb self, climbing trees, dancing, sleeping restfully and, best of all, my kids have their mom back. For that, I can never thank you enough and neither can my kids. God love you John and Craig. I sure do.”
Kathryn O’Shannahan
Dunnville,  Ontario

In regards to the Ion Detoxification there are so many Stories / Testimonials that I could tell you about, but the one dearest to my heart is of Holly.    My mother who uses the Ion Detox on her clients had a rather unusual request from a good friend of mine, She wanted her dog to have a few Ion Detox sessions to hopefully remove toxins & metals that were causing liver & kidney problems for Holly.  Holly had been given only days to live by the veterinarian.  After Holly started receiving Ion Detox treatments she remained in our lives for 6 more months.  Since then my mother has given Ion Detoxification treatments to many cats & dogs to their owner’s satisfactions.  This proves my point, to my mother & too everyone else, what is good for us is also good for our four legged family members.
Helen Smolinger, Toronto ON

After experiencing the 3 in 1 FIT System, I feel much better.  I can walk, work and bike much easier.  I have more energy and I would recommend anyone to try this type of detoxing.  It is completely worth it to do this as it has made me feel back to my normal self.  I still like to do the sessions on a regular basis because each time I go, they make me feel better and allow me to be more active.
Andy Bonjak (79yrs old)
Arthur, ON

About six months ago I tested positive for parasites — non-human protozoa.  Yuk!  I took all the naturopathic herbs to help rid myself of the parasites but three months later I still tested positive.  Oh dear!  Then, in addition to the herbal parasite remedies, I did an ion cleanse every other day.  At first I could actually see the small creatures in the water, lots of them.  After three months on the herbal cleanses with the addition of the ion cleanse I have just tested negative for parasites.  Thank you HL4Y.
Toronto, ON  

Distributor Testimonials

“Since I have had the 3 in 1 FIT System it has increased my over-all business by 300% and I paid for my machine in the first month. It’s an amazing addition to my business!”
Janelle’s Aesthetics, Ontario

I have had my 3 in 1 PROFIT System for about two months now. I have not even had to advertise it yet, seems business is just flowing in.
My clients are very happy with their results they are having with as little as a few sessions. I have had many people sign up for a 10 pack, which is wonderful for me, but terrific for those looking to detox their bodies, and bring overall wellness to their life.
Craig and his Dad John have been nothing but supportive and always there for you when you need a question answered, ( and trust me I ask ALOT of questions!)
I couldn’t say enough about them and their successful company! Great people to work with.

Blessing and health to all,
Colleen Crawford @

“Myself and my patients seem to have more energy, better sleep, less pain, along with a heightened sense of wellness since using the 3 in 1 FIT System.”
Dr. Mark Jagger, Chiropractic and Natural Health Centre, Ontario

“With over 200 diabetic patients and 800 3 in 1 FIT System sessions, the 3 in 1 FIT System has proven to be a valuable therapeutic tool in decreasing overall glucose levels.”
Roberto DeFilippis B.App.SC.,D.Ch. Chiropodist/Foot Specialist, Vellore Village Medical Center, Woodbridge, Ontario

“I am a personal trainer and wellness coach in Kitchener and surrounding areas.  I help people to improve their health in a variety of ways.  I purchased the 3 in 1 detox footbath a year ago, and have enjoyed sharing the many benefits of detoxifying the body periodically for others…as well as for myself and my family.

Just this past February I was struck with some malady that had me not only housebound, but stuck on the couch with a fever and severe aches.  By the second day my fever had broken, but I was having terrible issues breathing…it was laboured and painful, and I couldn’t carry on a conversation at all as I was so very winded.  I am not too sure what it was that I had…but I decided to perform a detox footbath session for myself before giving the doctor a call.  I was absolutely stunned…and so was my family…when after the treatment…my pain was GONE, and I could actually breath with great ease!!  Sounds too incredible to be true…but the 3 in 1 foot detox system actually pulled that which needed to come out of me…and my health returned back to normal, without further complication!!”

Thanks HL4Y, in great health,
Personal Trainer and Wellness Coach, Kitchener, ON

“Being one of the very 1st purchasers of the original HL4Y  3in1 FIT Detox System- I have experienced both clinically and personally the benefits of using such an incredible modality for detoxification. Not only do clients love the ease and application of this technique but also, they continually see the value and feel the benefit of regular ion detox. I am always referring both students as well as colleagues to your fabulous company for purchase of holistic based products. Thank you and please continue to share HEALTH as it is our greatest asset!”
Jennifer Papaconstantinou
H.E.A.L. Naturally Holistic Health
Pickering, Ontario

“I have been using the HL4Y detox footbath personally as well as in my business for 5 years. It’s a really great quality, high-end product, and I have recommended for many people to buy one of their own for continued use. I use it regularly on myself and my family, as well as my clients, and I am very pleased with the results. It is a much better machine than a lot of others on the market, and the water speaks for itself! Would love to have another one of these in my practice! Let’s bring HL4Y machines to the world!”
Angela J Brown-Rasheed
Anuyu Health & Wellness Center
Oshawa, Ontario

“I have had the detox footbath @ The Living Room Health Studio for a few years now and I am still in awe at how such a simple thing can help so many! It truly amazes me the comments, testimonials etc that I get from various customers! Of course there has been skepticism, as there is with anything really, but once they try the system and witness it for themselves, it provides for loyal clients! I hesitated when making the decision to purchase this machine, as it was a big investment for my newly starting out business, but with in a month I think it was I had it paid off and in a small town (1500ppl)…I’d say we made the right decision! Thank you for providing a great product that allows me to help others through what you provide to us!”
Christa Lovas
The Living Room Health Studio
Russell, Manitoba

‘I have a story to share of an 84 year old gentleman who lives next door. I recently re-started up my business and he asked me if I could help him so I inquired of what was the problem. She said he had gout or a spur or something in his heel that would not allow him to step down because of the pain and he was limping. I suggested that it was worth a try and couldn’t hurt so he came the next day for his session. All it took was one session and he has been perfect since and walks around like a new man. I know it sounds hard to believe but it is true as I see him every day; now I have 10 clients from his family line as he was so excited he carried the flyer around in his pocket and hawled it out to show everyone and they keep coming, and all are experiencing degrees of better health. One member suffered charley horses nightly for years and slept or tried to sleep with ice packs wrapped around his legs; from the first session on, (he has had 6) there is no more pain and a full nights sleep. He said that you can’t put a price on that and will continue to come as it has saved his sanity. I encourage everyone to take a series of 14 sessions at least, and at best,. to purchase a machine for yourself and your family…..Health is Wealth.”
Joyce Jackart
Upper Port La Tour,  Nova Scotia

“I purchased my first 3-in-1 Fit Premium Detox Foot Bath about 3 years ago for my spa & have just recently purchase another for my new business here in Alberta. To be quite frank, I don’t think I can live without this machine & my clients love it too. Over the years I have had clients find results from using the foot bath such as: – increased sleeping length & sleeping patterns (I specifically had one client in particular that has spent his entire adult life only sleeping 2 hours at a time, months later he expressed to me that for the first time in his life he’s been sleeping as much as 5.5 hours) – an acute ankle sprain bruising/swelling decreased by over half within 30 minutes of one session – increased energy & clarity of mind – improved recovery from partying – decreased pain &decreased water retention & bloating For myself specifically, between completing the Detox Program &/or receiving a foot bath session 1-4x/month I have experience GREAT results: – improved skin quality: my breakouts are minimal or non-existent & my skin elasticity is prime – zero water retention: without my sessions I struggle with water retention in both my feet & hands & abdominal bloating – increased energy & clarity: being self-employed has it’s struggles including keeping myself sharp & maintaining a regular workout routine, my detoxes better enable me to keep up at the gym & at kickboxing without getting fatigued, making me less moody 😉 – increased digestion & absorption: i constantly struggle with food sensitivities & my most recent detox program has especially aided in increasing my metabolism, nutrient absorption & no have minimal stomach upsets – sleeping patterns: my brain is always on the go, since I received my machine a month ago my quality of sleep has improved drastically, with less tossing & turning & since I finished my detox program 2 days ago: I wake up feeling refreshed NOT more tired – and more: minimal PMS, lost 12lbs on detox program, better hydrated.”
Christine Unruh
Christine’s Little Luxury Room
Fort McMurray , Alberta

“I am a massage therapist and spa owner. We introduced the 3 in 1 PROFIT System to compliment the services we already provide. With this new service we’ve added an average of 5 new clients per week. They have more energy, sleep better and manage pain.”
Greg Johnston, RMT, Ontario

“I just love my 3 in 1 Detox system! I was skeptical when I first heard of detox from the feet. I went on line and did a lot of research. Two years worth to be exact! I purchased a system from an E-bay site and ended up returning it, because it just did not work! The seller informed me that my water had to much mineral content and that is why it didn’t work. I could understand this if I still lived in the country, but I have City water! After purchasing the 3 in 1 it was discovered that my water was too soft. So not only did the 3 in 1 help me with my health, it also saves me money with my water softener! My Ah Ha moment came the day I had a canker  sore in my mouth. It was one of those annoying ones that made it hard to eat or talk! I decided to do a detox, just because I had the time, and for no other reason. Upon cleaning the machine, I realized my canker  sore was gone!!! This proves to me that this machine is worth every penny and the results I get from my clients is amazing! Thank you Healthier Living for You for providing such a wonderful machine to help with health and wellness. I recommend it to all of my clients!”
Annette Parker, Subtle Energies
Waterloo,  Ontario

“I purchased the 3 in 1 FIT  detox foot bath around June along with Alkamates and the DKN vertical vibrations machine. I love all of them and recommend each unit to everyone. I use each of them regularly along with my clients at NVU Day Spa. Non believers become believers right away after using them. Everyone at hl4y are fantastic. They are all knowledgeable and helpful and have answered all my questions and concerns. I have noticed other companies who supply copycat equipment but it doesn’t even compare to the quality of hl4y products or the support they offer you.”
Melanie Carr
NVU Day Spa
Picton, Ontario

“Adding 3 in 1 FIT System to our Holistic Spa has really taken off and allowed us to purchase a second machine within 2 months to keep up with demand. Many clients, some with fibromyalgia, arthritis, gout, and sleeping disorders are reporting remarkable improvements and are rapidly helping to grow my business by word of mouth advertising. It is a visible way of educating my clients on the proactive benefits of detoxification and it has opened many more minds to the benefits of other holistic treatments to help them on the path to wellness.”
Marilyn Sorensen-Graham Dreamscape Spa, Ontario

“I am always seeking the very best modalities to help assist with my clients well-being.  My main objective is what do I offer clients so that they will continually be mindful of achieving and maintaining optimal health?  One of the modalities that I came across my research was your 3 in 1 FIT System.  After extensive research and using your system myself, I felt very confident about introducing it to clients.
Now, my clients and I know what great benefits the 3 in 1 FIT System, system has offered and continues to help with our health.
Thank you to the staff at HL4Y for always being there to answer questions and offering assistance in promoting my Ion Detox Therapy business whenever needed.”
Antoniette De Simone
Holistic practitioner

“Thanks to the crew at HL4Y for the support and encouragement over the past few months. I opened a new business in the early spring of this year and by early summer I had connnected with Craig and John about the 3 in 1 System. I wanted to add the system to my list of services offered, but wanted to take a slow approach as my experiential knowledge was limited. Much to my pleasure, I am discovering, through my various clients, that results are being seen quicker than expected! I have a 6 year old client who is now nicknamed “Happy Feet”; a lady seeing rapid cleansing from a multitude of medications needed while recovering from a serious vehicle accident; myself as I manuvere through menopause; a young ranch couple that are making healthier choices after seeing the initial results of their “state of water”! I’m also pleased to say that I will be offering the 3 in 1 System to my equine clients….yes the four legged ones, when I proceed in the spring with my equine services. Thanks again for all you do!”
Sherrine McConaghie, Body Fix Therapy
Longview,  Alberta